100 Pages, no less…

I would just like to make authors and reps aware that Blue Cat Review will no longer accept manuscripts of less than 100 pages for review, not even as prequels to series. Such prequels will be read in conjunction with the first book of the series if you want them reviewed and should be provided... Continue Reading →

Dragon Blue, A Lie That’s True

The Dragonlords of Xandakar #1 Macy Babineaux Self-Pub, Aug 2016 Ebook, 158 Pages Also available in paperback Genre(s) Fantasy, Romance Source Author's Newsletter Other books in this series Dragon Red: A Fire Unfed #2; Dragon Green, A Vision Unseen #3; Dragon Black, Dragon White, Darkest Day, Brightest Night #4 Synopsis: Miranda Betts works as a... Continue Reading →

Alter Ego: A Second Chance, Secret Identity Romance

Starla Harris Not yet published Ebook Genre(s) Contemporary Romance Source Author Synopsis: A SUPER SHORT, SEXY and STEAMY READ! Sometimes you just want to be someone else. When life sucks, you just want to throw away the old you and start fresh. For Iris Thompson, she did just that. With her life in a rut,... Continue Reading →


Immortal Highlander Series, #1 Hazel Hunter Allure Press, Sep 2017 Kindle, 368 Pages Also available in paperback Genre(s) Paranormal Romance, Time-travel Source Author Other books in this series Tharaen #2   Synopsis: In a place she doesn’t belong, in a time that is not her own, a shattered woman risks everything for the one thing... Continue Reading →

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