Book Review

Witch Kissed

Old Sarum Witch Cozy Mystery, #1

K.E. O’Connor

Self-Pub, Jan 2017

Ebook, 175 Pages

Only in digital

Genre(s) Cozy Magic Mystery

Source Author’s Newsletter

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A witch has a problem. Can the Thornheart witches help and will they solve the kissing curse and figure out their own tangled love lives?

Ivy and Bryony Thornheart are no strangers to magic, light, and dark. When the talented witches come up against a powerful kissing curse, they have to fight to save their client, Agatha Graytooth, from repelling every man she kisses.

Human lives are put at risk by this curse, and the witches have to race to save the feeble red bloods and break the curse.

Witched Kissed is the first in an exciting cozy paranormal mystery in the Old Sarum series. With enchanting settings, characters you will fall in love with, and exciting magic filled action. Join the Thornheart sisters at the Love Cauldron and follow them in their witch filled adventures.


I’m K.E. O’Connor, and I love to write, make up new worlds, new possibilities, and characters and share stories for others to enjoy.

I was raised in Essex, England. I am a novelist and short story writer, writing in the paranormal romance, urban fantasy and paranormal adventure genres. My writing has mystery, adventure, and excitement and some romance thrown in to make things even more stimulating. I’m an indie author on a learning curve to create quality fiction, quickly, without sending out error-ridden books into the world (if you spot an error in my books or on this site, let me know, always happy to make corrections.)

The writing I do aims to excite and inspire readers and writers. I love reading anything that quickens my pulse and makes me fall in love with the characters (or hate them – all intense emotions are welcome.) My writing tries to do the same. I have created a series called The School of Exorcists, following the journey of Ruby Carmichael, a girl who see ghosts has the tricky problem of stopping her parents destroying the world and saving herself from a love that may ultimately destroy her.

If you sign up to my email list, you’ll be in line for lots of fun information, giveaways and advance information about future books, you’ll also get book two in the series, Revelations, for free as well!

And keep a look out for my new YA paranormal series, Ghost Academy, which is currently in development, with Book One coming out in January 2016.

When I’m not designing new stories or characters for readers to enjoy, you can find me enjoying time with a good book or five, trying to convince my elderly, beautiful cat, Cassie, to eat something, walk/dancing on my treadmill (trying to dance on a treadmill should be an official sport – so much fun), watching anything sci-fi or cosy crime related on the TV (Murder She Wrote anyone) or simply kicking back on the couch and daydreaming – also called meditation.

My Disclaimer:

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book. I am voluntarily providing an honest review in which all opinions are fully my own. I am not being compensated in any way.

~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review

My Review: ✰✰✰⭒

I thought the cover of the Kindle book I got from the author’s newsletter was really cute. The elements all came from the book and the artwork fit the vibe of the book. BUT, when I started putting this review together I discovered there is a second cover for this book and it looks like it will be used for the series rather than the one I have. I just don’t care for it anywhere near as much as I do the other one, though I do like the old typewriter font that was chosen for everything but the title. It seems to be a popular font lately. What do you think of the two covers?

This was a fun read, but it had no real depth to it. The writing was pretty good but needed smoothing out in some spots to help the flow. The pace was fast for the most part but got bogged down towards the end with incidentals. I came away with questions that I assume the author is saving for future books in the series. Like what is the curse on the Thornheart women? Who put it there? What’s the story behind Bryony’s and Ivy’s fathers? One was an angel and one was a demon.

Agatha comes to the Love Cauldron to get the sisters’ help getting rid of the kissing curse and to find out who put it on her. Once you get into the story a bit, it’s easy to figure out who had it put on her, but the surprise is who actually laid it on her! I was rolling on the floor laughing over that part! But Ivy handled it pretty well.

The pairings are fairly predictable, too. There’s Gabriel who is a failed angel. He works for the Charm Police. That’s the local police force that keeps the humans safe living around the magical folks. He has a real soft spot for Bryony. And then there’s Kristoff. He owns the Demon’s Den, a bar. Guess what he is. Yup, he’s a demon and trouble. And he’s got his eyes on Ivy. There’s no sex and the only violence is the fight between Ivy and Kristoff at the Demon’s Den.

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