Cocky Roomie: Jake Cocker

Cocker Brothers, the Cocky Series, #1

Faleena Hopkins

Hop Hop Productions, Jun 2016

Kindle, 286 Pages

Also available in paperback, audiobook

Genre(s) Bad Boy Romance

Source purchased at current price

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My Disclaimer:

I purchased a copy of this book at the current price. I am voluntarily providing an honest review in which all opinions are fully my own. I am not being compensated in any way.

~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review

What it’s about…

Jake Cocker wants a roommate. So he advertises for one in his own unique way.

Drew Charles needs an apartment and answers the advertisement.

Jake doesn’t want to rent to Drew because he assumed Drew meant that she was a he. But she’s a she and Jake’s a bit shaken by her being a she. After arguing back and forth for awhile until Drew was reduced to a few tears, Jake gives in and rents to her. Women’s tears are his kryptonite.

Next, Drew needs a job. So she answers an advertisement.

Jake’s uncle tells him he’s got to interview the applicant for the administrative assistant in the morning.

From roommates to workmates to who knows what. But it can be a rocky road, especially when your BFF gets involved.

Technical Tidbits…

The cover should not have a plain white background. It’s just blah. Put a picture of the apartment there! Just don’t leave it plain white! Note: my copy had a plain white background. I’m not that impressed with the white brick wall behind him.

The storyline was really good. It was fun.

The characters were really good. It was easy to get to know them both. You got their background and you knew what was going on with them the whole time.

The pace was great. You had time to think and time to go with things.

The tension was pretty much constant, but not a killer.

And this is where you STOP if you don’t want to see any SPOILERS

The good, the bad, and the ugly…and how much it lit up my life… ✰✰✰✰⭒

Looking at the cover, would you believe that some of the largest themes of this book are family unity and family values? It’s amazing. I personally think that the guy on the cover is just a bit too buff, but he’s supposed to be in construction. So, I guess he’s okay. But he doesn’t say family values to me. And yet, that’s like the main theme of the book. Jake doesn’t want to be transferred to Denver because he doesn’t want to be away from his family. His father and mother won’t like it. He works for his uncle. He spends time with his brothers and family a lot. When a brother’s in trouble or needs help with a situation, the other brothers work to help him out. One of the brothers at home called Jett to go to Denver and handle the problem with the drunk employee so that Jake wouldn’t be gone so long.

Even when it comes to Bernie’s drug-hooker problems, the family solved it. No one went off on their own.

When it comes to Drew, the brothers do their best to look out for her while Jake’s away, but she won’t talk on the phone with them or him and won’t see them. Yes, she works for his uncle, but he’s not saying a word.

But once Jake gets back, he ties up the loose ends and asks Drew to marry him. Then all they have to do is choose a letter they like a lot for the babies’ names. They chose E.


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