Book Review


Tormod, Immortal Highlander Book 4

Scottish Time Travel Romance

By Hazel Hunter December 2017

372 pages, Kindle & Paperback


A digital copy was provided to me prior to publishing. My honest review is based solely on my own opinions. I am not being compensated in any way.

This is the fourth book in this series and the fourth book that I have read and reviewed here on my blog. This is the best one yet is several ways.

YES, this review contains revealing information about the story, but not enough to spoil your enjoyment of the book.

Let me tell you what this one’s about. Tormod Liefson is the only Viking in the McDonnell clan that we have come to know in the other three books. He was initially captured and made a slave by the Pritani, then killed along with them by the Romans, and finally made immortal with them by the druids in gratitude for what the clan had done to save the druids before the Romans could kill them. As all his people were dead by then, Tormod swore his allegiance to the clan McDonnell. After these many, many years, he is still a loner even within the clan. He goes in search once a year for his sister’s gravesite. His sister, Thora, was a mighty warrior in her own right, known as Thora the Merciless. She was a berserker.

Dr. Jema McShane is an archealogist with a dig in the Scottish Highlands. Her twin brother, Gavin, was a member of the Black Watch until ALS put him at the mercy of a walker and his dying body totally dependent on his sister. Jema is convinced that there is a gravesite in this last section of the dig, which is now shut down for the season. It is just she and Gavin, when the wall of the site collapses and takes both of them to another time and place. Jema is found at the burial site by Tormod, who is on his annual attempt to locate his sister’s gravesite. Gavin, however, is found by the Roman undead and enslaved. He becomes the personal slave of Prefect Fenella, who we met in the last book. She is the only female in this undead Roman army and she loves to drink blood and have sex. In Gavin, she feels she has found the perfect slave. His trip through the time portal has cured him of his ALS and returned him to his full vigor as a Captain of the Black Watch.

Ms. Hunter weaves her magic back and forth without confusion in this most complex book to date to tell all sides of the story. Jema is a bit on the timid side but wants to protect Tormod from the punishment of the clan. She has developed a strange power that allows her to find things out and not be seen. Tormod is trying desperately to figure out a way to be able to keep Jema with him, but fears that the clan may come down on him for breaking the rules. Tormod’s friends are trying to figure out what the Viking is up to that’s got him acting so strange lately. Unfortunately, they all have to answer to the clan as well. Fenella and Gavin are on a mission that brings them to Thora’s gravesite, again. If druid magic isn’t enough, then the Eye of Freya will help. And just like that, Thora is back in the mix and still out for McDonnell blood.

The magic of the druids comes into play this time for us with the reading of Jema’s bloodlines. She’s told that she was able to come through the portal because she is of druid descent, which they all understood. However, the spell to read her bloodlines uncovers the fact that while her mother was a druidess, her father was a Viking shaman. This accounts for the powers she develops from her trip through the portal.

I’ve already told you enough to whet your whistle, so to speak. So, read this one and enjoy it totally. It’s really good! While I go get the next book in the series, called GAVIN! Yup, he’s got his own book, due out February 6, 2018!

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