Book Review

The Dryad’s Pawprint

The Dryad’s Pawprint

Paranormal Council #1

Laura Greenwood, January 2017

Kindle & Paperback, 72 pages

Paranormal Romance


I purchased this book at the current price after reading a related book. I have read and am reviewing it voluntarily and honestly with my own opinions. I am not being compensated in any way.

Other books in this novella series:

The Vixen’s Bark #2 79 pages, The Necromancer’s Prey #3 80 pages, The Vampire’s Bite #4 76 pages, The Witch’s Stripes #5 60 pages

The cover is amazing. The artwork has such color saturation to it that it has the look of velvet. The fangs of the panther might be just a bit (!) overdone, but overall, this is a great cover.

Kemnebi Davis is an accountant going about his life until he gets a summons from The Shifters Council. Since he is not just an accountant, but also a shifter, he must obey the summons. The Council has chosen him, as the unmated brother of the Panthers’ Alpha and being of the correct age to marry the daughter of the Dryads’ leader to form a political alliance. Kem is not happy about this directive. About a year ago, he met a woman that he hasn’t been able to forget, but he hasn’t been able to find her again, either. He’s sure she’s his mate.

Aella is the daughter of the Dryad’s leader and has wanted to be on the Council since she was first taken to see how it worked at the age of five. She is intelligent, beautiful, outspoken, and tempermental. She’s insulted when Kem ignores her at the party when they are introduced. He acts as if she doesn’t even exist. She has no way of knowing that he’s totally distracted by the fragrance of a familiar floral scent that he associates with only one woman.

Lia had been standing next to her sister just before Kemnebi had been introduced. As soon as she saw him, she made herself scarce. She has a secret she can’t reveal, yet, and certainly not in such a public place. Xylia remembers their one night together just as well as Kem does. And she has been looking for him, as he has been looking for her. But this is the man they want her sister to marry. How can they fix this mess?

This story is cute, really cute. Almost too cute. It is also short. It ends rather abruptly and doesn’t really have much of a point to it. If the other stories in this series are like this, I think they should have been published in one book as a series of short stories. I think they would support each other and create a more cohesive work that way.

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