Book Review



By Jamie K. Schmidt

Release date February 4, 2018

Digital format only, 87 pages

Romance erotica, menage, M/M, paranormal dystopian


I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the author’s rep. I have read it and am reviewing it voluntarily and honestly with my own opinion. I am not being compensated in any way.

The cover attracted me initially, but after reading Marta’s description of Cassius, a vampire, I decided that the cover just didn’t work. Cassius is tall, slender, cool, and pale. Neither one of the guys on the cover looks like that. Not even slightly. I do, however, like the way the three people are posed on the cover with a triangle and the man on the left in a dominant position and in front of the woman. That is totally how this trio worked. Cassius was in charge and used the other two to control each other. And yet, somehow there was a sense of caring in the relationship. It was something that Marta noted a couple of times. The gentleness of Cassius’ hands or a look. Some gesture towards McKenzie.

Marta and Cassius had been involved before. She had discovered him in a blood orgy and he had let her walk away. She figured they were through and that their bond would dissolve. She wanted one man to commit to a relationship with just her, monogamy. What she ended up with was quite different. She ended up with a Master Vampire and a Werewolf-Vampire in a bonded relationship with her, a High Priestess Witch. A lot of power in a trinity like that. Marta can use the energy of sex to do magic, and the energy generated by a trio is considerable.

Initially, she had just been looking for parts, body parts. She needed a vampire’s fang and a werewolf’s claw to set a spell for her sister. Her sister, Leah, tangled with a demon, an incubus. She ended up being something other than the weak witch she was in the beginning and got a powerful protector in the end. But that’s a story for the next novella.

This is romance only in Marta’s mind. This is sex, sometimes rather raw, always hot and steamy. With their menage a trois, and male on male, these folks get into just the basics of such a relationship. But there is as much sex as there is storyline. The next novella about Leah and Justice should be interesting as well. We’ve been given a glimpse of his backstory in this book and it’s unique. Recommended.

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