Book Review

Immortal in Death

Immortal in Death

In Death #3

J.D. Robb

Berkley Books, July 1996

324 pages, ebook, hardcover, paperback, audiobook

Scifi romance mystery


I purchased this at the current price as one of five in a set for nook at This is my honest and unbiased review for which I receive no compensation.

In this third In Death novel of the series, the author introduces another character that becomes a regular, Chief Tech Dickie Berenski. He’s the meticulous lab tech, known as Dickhead, who is a pain in the ass, slow to get the work out, but always spot on with his results. He’s so good, he’s worth bribing to get him moving faster and often gets competing bribes for whose work gets done faster. You just have to know what motivates him more, Red Sox tickets or whiskey.

This case takes Eve into the world of high stakes fashion and beauty, a world she never seems to understand. This time, the cause looks pretty but is deadly, A flower from off-planet called the Immortality flower that provides an element for beauty products that will make you feel young and energized, look younger and glowing, and slowly kill you through your central nervous system from the first dose. And the people who want to make money off it are willing to kill over it. It seems to drive them to it if they’re using it. It’s gotten one of Dallas’ contacts and a hooker killed, almost got her best friend imprisoned, got a top model killed, and now has another top model in custody and rehab. But there’s one more person behind it that Eve didn’t see at first who will sneak up on her just as she realizes he’s there. Just before she realizes he’s dirty and takes him down.

In her personal life, which is always hectic, Mavis is staying at the mansion so that she can’t be used by the others involved in the case. Her latest squeeze, Leonardo, is there all the time, too, since he’s the fashion wiz behind Dallas’ wedding gown. And Dallas isn’t answering the calls on her phone for fittings. Roarke manages to convince her to find the time for one fitting so that she has something to wear for the event. As usual, he has a way of putting things to her that she will accept. She’s had more memory breakthroughs and opens up to Roarke and Dr. Mira about it all. In exchange, Roarke shares his history with Sommerset and explains why he trusts the man so much and why he will always keep him close. Sommerset, in the meantime, is the only one there when Eve has a very bad nightmare about her past and he is badly shaken by what he learns about her. His opinion of her changes after that. This all happens with days to go until their wedding. And Roarke wonders if Dallas will actually go through with it. She sets him straight on that when she tells him that a marriage is a promise and that she always keeps her promises. It’s things like this that keep the readers of this series in love with this couple.

Next Monday, #4 Rapture in Death.

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