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The Frosty Taste of Scandal

The Frosty Taste of Scandal

Walking Calamity Cozy Mystery #6

CeeCee James, November 2017

208 pages, ebook, paperback

Cozy Mystery


I purchased this at the current price. This is my honest and unbiased review for which I am not being compensated.

I know that the sixth book is a strange place to drop in on a series, but I was looking for Christmas reads at the time and the cover attracted me. This is not a Christmas read, but the soft colors, and hot chocolate with the lantern just made such a cozy picture I couldn’t resist. All of the covers in this cozy series are really appealing.

This takes place in Angel Lake, TN. Elise Pepper is a receptionist for the local chiropractor. She works with Sue. She has a cat named Max and a fiance named Brad Carter. She has a 16 year-old named Lucy living with her while her mother is in prison and then rehab. Elise’s BFF is Lavinia. The love of her life is Mr. G. Lavinia has decided that she’s going to be Elise’s maid of honor based on a childhood vow the two made. And she’s getting a little pushy lately about the wedding plans, but the couple haven’t even set a date! Lavinia might be feeling a little anxious because Elise and Brad are getting married, but Mr. G won’t even discuss marriage and they’ve been together since high school! Maybe it’s time to cut him loose and see if there are more fish in the sea.

Brad Carter is a policeman, so it’s really difficult for Elise and Brad to find a lot of time to have dates. But they’re supposed to go ice skating. Elise is all ready. She’s got her skates and hopes Brad won’t be too late. She hasn’t skated in a lot of years. She’s counting on it’s being like riding a bike. Just a little practice and it all comes back to you. Brad’s text said he’d be a little late, but it’s been over an hour, so some hot chocolate is in order. The guy sitting up on the zamboni has been there the whole time, just grinning each time she goes around. Why’s he wearing sunglasses inside? Well, the skating seems to be coming back to her so she tries a little more and OOPS… she’s down hard! Just as Brad shows up! But why’s the guy on the zamboni still sitting there grinning that same grin and with his sunglasses on?

Mr. Roger Hamilton is the local banker with a large estate. And he’s never driven the zamboni in his life. What was he doing at the ice rink? He was supposed to be somewhere else. Who was he meeting there? Brad is in “full police mode”.

Sue, at the chiropractor’s office, is the niece of Roger. She and her mother don’t get along well. She’s asked Elise to accompany her to a meeting she has to go to with her mother. Elise is going, but she doesn’t understand why Sue would be so afraid of her own mother. She understands as soon as she walks in the door. Sue’s mother is very cutting and belittling to Sue and everyone else. But that’s not the only thing Elise learns at the meeting. Apparently, Roger Hamilton had a surprise son! One that no one knew about until now that is going to upset the will completely! And if they fight it they don’t get anything.

Elise and Brad are both in sleuthing mode for this one. The police department is used to Elise’s contributions to Brad’s cases. And she certainly pulls the answers out on this one as she follows the paper trail.

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