TTBG’s Are You a Bad Book Blogger Quiz

TTBG’s Are You a Bad Book Blogger Quiz?

I found this on Always Trust in Books yesterday, and what blogger worth her domain name wouldn’t take this quiz?! One thing I did notice while cut-and-pasting it to my site is that there’s no #13. Do you suppose he’s a little superstitious or forgetful?

1). Are you a book blogger?

Yes, I am a book blogger. That’s why there are book covers on my blog every Monday through Friday. Occasionally there is something else, but predominantly book covers of the books I am reviewing.

2). Do you have 100 or more followers?

On this one blog on WordPress, no. In total, yes. I post on more than just my blog with each posting, so I have a cumulative following.

3). Do you have 1,000 or more followers?

Same answer as above, I have a cumulative following, so yes, I do have a following of over 1,000.

4). Do you have 10,000 or more followers?

Nope, that I don’t have. I’m not sure what my actual number is, but I’m pretty sure it’s not ten thousand, yet. It was somewhere around 9,000 last year, but I have closed down my Blogger blog and have not reconnected to Bloglovin with this new blog. So my numbers have changed.

5). Do you blog daily?

I blog Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday are the weekend. I’m sure you’ve heard of that. Those are days off for my blog. So, to me, I say yes, I blog daily.

6). Do you read other blogs daily?

Yes, I try to read at least 10 other blogs each day when I check on my own blog. I don’t always manage that many, it depends on time. There are days I wish I could travel in time and go back long enough or stop it to read all of the blogs I follow and comment on their latest posts. However, until I discover how to time travel and do just that, I will attempt to get to the top ten on my feed each Monday through Friday and make comments as I can, always keeping in mind that I also have to do that on Tumblr, GoodReads, Twitter, and Facebook in addition to my WordPress feed.

7). Do you comment on lots of blog posts?

I think I already answered that in my answer to question 6.

8). Do you receive ARC’s?

Yes, I receive ARCs from NetGalley, directly from publisher’s reps and, directly from authors. I get a big kick out of reading books before they’re published. But it does make a mess of my calendar trying to keep track of having to go back to Amazon to post there on release day. Wish bloggers could post to Amazon early. Are you listening Amazon?

9). Do you review ALL your ARC’s before their release date?

Honestly, no. I have missed some release dates due to over scheduling. I’m getting better about that though. However, I have about 4 books I’m reading that all have the same release date and only have 2 openings on my calendar before the release date, so something has to give. Obviously, 2 of those books will be late, but I will word it in my review that they were “just released yesterday” or something to that effect.

10). Do you use Social Media for your blog?

I use it along with my blog. My blog used to be on Blogger, then I moved to WordPress. But I also post to Tumblr, Pinterest, Amazon, GoodReads, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Anything from NetGalley, obviously gets posted on there, too.

11). Do you participate in memes?

No. Not usually.

12). Do you write original content/discussion posts?

My blog is basically a book review, but there are times when I post something other than my reviews. All of my posts currently are original text. I no longer use the canned text of the book synopsis. I do occasionally use a quote, but otherwise all my posts are original content.

14). Do you have authors on your blog?

No, I do reviews, but not interviews. I have in the past reblogged interesting interviews, but it’s been quite a while.

15). Are you a grammar Nazi?

I try to use proper grammar, but I typically type my text the way I speak and most people don’t speak properly, including myself. I speak in partial sentences and run on sentences. I try to use the correct form of the word, but effect, affect always trip me up. I usually get there and their correct. I’m always goofing up you and your for some reason. When I need the “r” I don’t type it, but when I do need it I forget it. Go figure. But I do tend to notice very poor grammar on blogs that I read, especially when it’s so bad that I’m not sure what it’s supposed to say. OUCH!

16). Are you plain, vanilla, boring and bland?

Oh, I hope not. I’m probably more vanilla that a lot of the younger bloggers out here, but I hope it’s not boring or bland. Amazon has returned two of my reviews for language correction! But I try to make my reviews interesting because I want the people reading them to want to read the books I’m recommending. If my review is boring or bland, they won’t want to read the book. Who’s to say, maybe I’m more butter pecan.


17). Are you a follower of the power of positivity and are always positive?

I try to be upbeat and positive, but it’s not always possible for me. I have chemical-induced depression and medication doesn’t always keep it balanced. So, positive isn’t always my channel. Sometimes I’m more on the snarky side.

18). Do you think that everyone is equal within the book blogger community?

I think we all start out equal. It’s what we do with what we have that makes some excel and others not. It has nothing to do with the number of books that you read. Why is everyone harping on that lately? What is the issue with that? Who really cares how many books you read. You read how many you have the time and inclination to read. It’s not a contest. It doesn’t make you better than someone else if you read more than they do. I wish people would stop talking about that. I really like the GoodReads annual challenge. I feel it’s a challenge to yourself to read however many books you can and then GoodReads totals them all up to see how many books everyone has read. I don’t see it as a competition to see who can read the most and shine a bright light of condemnation on those that don’t make the grade. You challenge yourself, not the rest of GoodReads!

19. Are you and your blog awesome?

I like to think so. I hope my readers think so. I hope that’s why they follow me. If I don’t have confidence in myself, then who else will have confidence in me? So, yes, my blog and I are AWESOME! Drop in some time and find out just how awesome! https://bluecatreview.wordpress.com

20). Do you see yourself as being a pillar of the book blogger community and setting a good example for book bloggers?

A pillar is something that supports the whole, so yes, I feel I am a pillar of the book blogger community. I try to set a good example for other book bloggers. I try to present a good blog to begin with. I connect with other blogs that I feel interest me and add interest to my blog. I interact with other book bloggers as well as other types of bloggers. I continue to try to learn about blogging in general. I try to stay on top of my blog and be aware of any problems with it. I try to help any bloggers that approach me for help or direct them to someone who can help them. Basically, by putting out the best blog I can and by being a friend to other bloggers, makes me a good support of the book blogger community.

This is my own addition to the quiz:

I challenge all the book bloggers who read this post to take the quiz and post it. Give it some thought!

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