Book Review

Losing Time

Losing Time

Lost Time #1

Nicola Claire Jun 2017

308 pages, ebook, paperback

Time Travel Romance


I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book by the author. This is my honest review for which I am not being compensated in any way.

The cover has nice color but isn’t all that exciting and doesn’t really make you think of time travel. The story line is pretty good. The characters I found rather hard to get to know. The pace was fast as the people and the ship jumped from time to time, literally. And the tension was constant with no let up. Everything was urgent. Unfortunately, I found myself skimming in several places, mostly when they were at the Academy. I guess I just couldn’t slow down after all that action.

From here begins the reveal…

Mimi “Mouse” Wylde is 300 seconds older than her twin sister Carolyn “Carrie” Wylde. They both have dark blonde hair, blue eyes, and are 5’5”. They even have the same DNA since they are monozygotic twins. That means they’re from the same egg. Their parents are assumed dead. They disappeared not long ago. Literally. Mouse has a Masters Degree and is halfway through her PhD. She’s quite the scientist. So when they decide to take a little vacation to cheer themselves up, they go to Cape Canaveral. Mouse is a big fan of the space program and fascinated by space travel and everything about it. Carrie is the adventurous, troublemaker sort and would do anything to make her sister feel better. So, while their tour bus is stopped right there by Launch Pad 39A where Apollo 11 took off from, she’s decided a little more in-depth viewing is called for. Between one breath and the next, she disappears. Mouse is frantic to find her. Then all of a sudden Mouse is no longer at Cape Canaveral and out the window of this strange vehicle are stars and dark sky! And everyone keeps saying she’s “out of time”. Whatever that means!

She’s onboard the Orion MPCV with Surgeon Dr. Jack Evans, Intern Dr. Rafe Hoffman, and Novitiate Sally Groves. She doesn’t know where or when. She’s scientist enough to figure out rapidly that time is an issue here, as in time travel. The fine details of it still escape her, but she’s got the big picture. She’s the Origin Event!

Once Mouse gets a look at Jack, she realizes he’s the man she’s been dreaming about lately. And they have been some really hot dreams! Jack has also been dreaming. And in his time and business, dreams mean something. They usually are prophetic and in some way come true. So he knows he’ll end up with Mouse and he’s looking forward to it. But the fact that he’s been dreaming of her also means that what’s happening is meant to happen and has to happen.

There’s a lot of time jumping and place jumping. They go to some historic events and see some famous people. They have several close calls with the bad guy, Sergei, the Russian in the Lunik who has Carrie. They even get to speak with Carrie. But Carrie doesn’t want to come with them. She has her own plans. They also see some people who shouldn’t be there and Mouse is devastated. Mouse makes some friends while she’s time jumping. Dean Jordan is a tech at the Academy who she and Sally party with. Dr. Bryan Fawkes is a buddy of Jack’s who likes her, even though she beats him up when she first sees him. And the head of the whole company, Clive Crawford thinks she pretty special. Though that may be because he’s been dreaming of Carrie! She makes some enemies as well. Dr. Harding and Dr. Pratt are the company bullies and they really don’t like Mouse. So much so that Pratt has a fight with her involving chestnuts and takes a picture of Mouse throwing one back at her and gets her grounded. But she didn’t get in any trouble for stealing the police cruiser! It’s crazy!

Book #2 Making Time

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