Book Review



An Origin Novel

Scarlett Dawn

231 pages, ebook, KU, paperback

Dystopian Paranormal Romance


This book was purchased at the current price. This is my honest review for which I receive no compensation of any kind.

The cover is pretty awesome with that gorgeous big cat on it. It fits the style established for the series nicely. The story is pretty good, too. Megan’s father runs a bunch of illegal fight rings and other illegal businesses. He’s basically tortured Megan all her life just because he could. He gets a sick pleasure from it. Now Megan has hooked up with the immortal bigwigs, Mr. Baker, Mr. Wolfe and particularly, Mr. Mason. The characters aren’t 100% wonderful, but we know so many of them from previous books if you’ve been reading along that it’s easy to pick up on what type of people they are. The pace is fast, so try to keep up and the tension will keep you on your toes so that you won’t be able to put it down. Even when you think you might have a moment, people barge through doors or people walk into bars. But then, that’s how we get started in this book.

And here begins the reveal…

Megan is trying to keep a low profile and is minding her own business doing her job tending bar when two people from her recent past appear. Mr. Wolfe Cooper of the Cooper Corp. and Mr. Finn Baker of the Baker Corp. were part of the investigation into her recent kidnapping, and now they are sitting at her bar. But a third big man has just walked into the bar and he has stolen her attention completely. He joins the two men at the bar, takes a deep sniff of her scent and tells her that she smells of “sex, home, and chocolate chip cookies”. The two are locked onto each other and after a brief conversation about what he wants, which appears to be her in a cleaning closet in the back, the two of them leave the room together. What happens after that is the funniest, sexiest, most detailed sex scene that’s going to have you squirming in your seat. The whole time they keep reassuring each other that this is not leading to a relationship because neither one of them do relationships. She doesn’t because her father delights in hurting her through the people she cares for. And he doesn’t because he’s immortal and relationships only work well one way for such beings. And so far, he hasn’t found his mate. Well, until now. When the two get back out to the bar, sneaky Finn takes a quick subtle blood sample disguised as cleaning up Megan’s hand and discovers that Rune has indeed found his mate this time in.

Godrik King was indeed their king. When you are the product of a goddess mating with a mortal, you are immortal. All five of these men are such men. Godrik’s father is Theron King, whose father was obviously a king of the gods. Theron is an ancient, not just one of the immortals. Everyone tiptoes around him, even Cassander to some degree, who is the seer. But Theron is on vacation currently. And Godrik is in a barred glass case lying on his bed at home. His mate, Poppy Carvene, sleeps next to him mourning him and her actions that caused his loss. Poppy has been through too much and certain of her actions cost Godrik his soul and life.

Valentine has them, the soul and lifeforce of Godrik King. He also has the ability to steal Godrik’s body and enter it to reanimate it, which he does. He sets up a scene where Poppy has to make a choice of each of the men in the group or Godrik and when it comes to Cass, she chooses to shoot Godrik and end it. She claims it’s because he’s the seer, but not everyone believes that’s her only reason.

Finally, the group gets around to setting up Megan’s father and putting an end to his illegal fighting rings. But things don’t go quite like they planned and Mr. Marshall shows up for a meet on his own time behind closed doors. When all is said and done, Rune comes back to Megan and is so sorry that he couldn’t keep his word to her to bring her father to her to kill, but he did bring proof of his death. And he presents her with his head in a bag. She is thrilled with it. Finally, she is free! Rune said he totally lost it when her father talked about the things he did to Megan as a child.

Megan isn’t tending bar anymore. She has had a secret wish to be a Princess at a local fun park and to make children happy. Rune is making sure that her application gets approved.


Next book is Trick #4

This one is owed from last Tuesday. So I’m still playing catch up…

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