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Bakeries & Bones

Bakeries & Bones

A Westford Bay B&B Cozy


Nic Roberts, Sep 2017

53 pages, ebook only

Cozy mystery series


This was purchased at the current price. This is my honest review for which I receive no compensation of any kind.

The cover is perfectly lovely and relates very well to the series starting with book one. However, it doesn’t relate to this prequel at all, which takes place in London, not in Westford. This scene doesn’t look anything like London. But as an introduction to the series, it will have to do.

The main character, Ally Westcott, loves to bake and is thoroughly indulged by a neighborhood bakery. They allow her to “play” in the bakery kitchen to her heart’s content She’s currently helping the owner come up with the special for the day’s event. But just before she left the flat, she got a notice telling her that her grandfather, Jack, had died and was leaving her his B&B at Westford Bay. She hadn’t seen her grandfather in a long time and hadn’t stayed particularly close, but she had been fond of him when she was young. Phillipe, Ally’s French banker fiance is too focused on his getting off to work to pay any attention to Ally’s grief and confusion. He basically pats her on the head like a dog for all the attention she gets out of him.

Lizzy, Ally’s bff, and Tim Barker, the baker, are much more supportive and sympathetic when she finally arrives at the bakery across the street to help prepare for the event. One of the things that I really enjoyed about this part of the book was the conversation. It was so natural. You know how it is when you have three people and a project, but not everybody’s fully focused on the project throughout. One person prepares coffee and makes a comment about his wife in hospital, while one is checking the news, and another is watching the construction crew in the back courtyard. They’re all listening to each other, but not completely. The conversation sort of pops around and loops back over itself like popcorn over the heat and it allows all sorts of things to come out.

Once the yells came from the courtyard, you went into fast-forward and didn’t stop until it was all over and Ally was saying she was off to Westford to run the B&B. I’m not going to reveal the mystery. Suffice to say that Nic Roberts fit an awful lot into 53 pages. I will tell you that Ally does get rid of the uncaring fiance. In fact, Phillipe dumps her because she gets her picture in the paper in relation to a police investigation and he and his set are horrified. “What will people think?” Well, I think this is a cute introduction to what I hope will be a fun series. I fully intend to try the two books available in the series so far, #1 Beaches & Bodies (212 pages) and #2 Grooms & Graves (178 pages).


3 thoughts on “Bakeries & Bones

      1. I like the IDEA of it…but I don’t cook, so as far as personal significance, nope. The Louise Penny Books just describe food, for example, in a way I love and would love to eat but would never make personally…😜


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