Book Review

Seeking Mr

Seeking Mr. Wrong

A Penelope Blue Novel

Tamara Morgan

Sourcebooks Casablanca

Just released March 6, 2018

386 pages, ebook, paperback

Romantic thriller cozy


I was provided an eARC of this book by Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley. This is my honest review for which I receive no compensation of any kind.

The cover is bright and cheerful and so suits the whacky romp with Penelope and her cohorts on this (literally) million dollar cruise! The story was a bit weird and totally implausible, but so many of them are. But I am neither a high-stakes gambler, FBI agent, nor a jewel thief, so I can’t imagine living this way or even trying to pull any of this off! Knowing that if the wrong person takes a dislike to you, you could end up bleeding out overboard far behind the ship. I mean, the guy wasn’t even very nice to his own daughter. Neither of the fathers was actually. One of the fathers made his daughter wear an extremely heavy, gaudy tiara around 24/7 during the cruise that was the prize everyone was there to win or steal. The other father was in the stateroom next to his daughter while he tippy-toed around with a strange woman.. oh no, that was her mother. Well, how was she to know, they hadn’t lived together in almost forever!

The characters were done quite well for caricatures. Everyone was playing a part, so no one was just being themselves except maybe the host of the cruise, the owner of the great tiara everyone was plotting to steal! Penelope is a former (mostly reformed) jewel thief turned FBI wife and partner to Grant Emerson, the FBI agent. Penelope Blue is considered to be the best of the best when it comes to a jewel heist and everyone’s money is on her getting the jewels. They don’t seem to get it. She’s really not there to steal them! The pace was fumblingly fast as everyone raced for the final hand of poker to see who would win the tiara and still be alive at the end. The tension had you almost going in circles.

I’m not going to reveal any secrets on this one. Just to say, that Penelope gets out of it with all that she wants including her husband in one piece, if a bit bloody.


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