Book Review

Judgment in Death

Judgment in Death

In Death series #11

J.D.Robb, Nora Roberts

Penguin Books, Sep 2000

360 pages, ebook, paperback, audiobook, MP3 CD

Sci-fi thriller romantic cozy


I purchased this as part of a bundle from for my nook app. This is my honest review for which I receive no compensation of any kind.

The cover has been done over several times in this series. Some I like and others I’m not so fond of. I do like the style of them. Though I do wish that the title of the book was larger than the author’s names, yes names. On this series, both of her names are on here. If Nora Roberts is going to write under the name J.D. Robb, then I think she should keep Nora Roberts off the front cover. The same with other top authors who do this sort of thing. Put your bio on the back with this information, but I think the title and author’s name should be on the front without the rest of it. There’s more author on this cover than book info! For that, this series loses a whole star from me. Well, maybe Nora Roberts should lose a whole star.

The plot in this book is really good, as usual. The author is usually on her toes with this aspect of things. She’s got people undercover and Internal Affairs all mixed in with Roarke and a jealous moment over an old fling of Dallas’. She manages to keep this almost the whole book “in-house”!

The characters are awesome with the fact that we are now into the eleventh book and most of our characters are well-known to us at this point. We get to know the jealous part of Roarke better this time around. We also get to know Webster a whole lot better with his fight with Roarke over Eve and then his need for redemption and taking the hit for her.

The pace is its usual fast, keep up with me, sort that makes you hold your breath half a dozen times. Or is that the tension that does that? Well, tension and pace work well together here because this is an author who does both well without losing you on any of the curves or intersections. I must say that’s one of the things I really like about the In Death series is that the pace can be breakneck and the tension sky-high, but I have never been lost in one of her books. She gives you what you need to stay right with her and figure things out along with the team. I’m not always ahead of Dallas, but I’m usually ahead of Peabody with the answer! Though Delia is getting much better at this now that we’re into the 11th book.

Another really recommended book in the In Death series!

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