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The Two Best Musical Numbers in ‘The Greatest Showman’

I finally got to see this movie today and it is fantastic. You really do feel like you are seeing something on stage, you are totally present. Much of this is created by the up close and personal camera angles and the outstanding acting.

Where would you park an elephant?

The RhiView

The Greatest Showman is a phenomenal film that brings past and present together in a raucous, glorious symphony of discord and resonance.

When characters speaking to one another or miming out a scene just aren’t enough to convey the depth and potency of a situation you turn it into a song. Disney made a mint off this concept for decades, though they certainly didn’t invent it.

Theater has been in the know for centuries — how else would opera have come to be? Rodgers & Hammerstein, anyone?

“Where words fail, music speaks”  – Hans Christian Andersen

Today’s musicals are a celebration of this theatrical mechanic that so effectively taps into the hearts and souls of audiences, playing on imagination and creating a sort of middle-world between the tangible and the fantastic.

“Musicals don’t get enough credit for being so surreal. It’s like an alternate universe.”  – Ezra Koenig

Think of…

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