Book Review

The Undercover Billionaire

The Undercover Billionaire:

A Billionaire SEAL Romance

The Tate Brothers

Jackie Ashenden

St. Martin’s Press, Mar 2018

336, ebook, paperback

Contemporary romance


This was provided to me as an eARC by St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley. This is my honest review for which I receive no compensation of any kind.

And now the reveal…

The cover didn’t really do anything for me. Another muscle-bound guy. They are getting very common on covers these days.

The story was actually very sad, and if it’s what ties up a three-part series, I don’t want to read the others.

The characters were all sort of stiff and I don’t know of a Navy SEAL who whines like Wolf does, all the time.

The pace was a bit off throughout the book. It’s like it sort of didn’t know what it wanted to do next each time. The book was awkward.

The tension just really didn’t seem to want to stay with the story. It only popped up during the dangerous parts.

Wolf Tate just wants to rescue his mother from Cesare de Santis. To do that he needs the leverage of Cesare’s daughter, Olivia, who just happens to be his best friend and the woman he’s in love with.

The first time he kidnaps her and takes her to a hotel. The next morning, she’s gone home. The second time, she goes with him willingly from a luncheon engagement with the man her father wants her to marry. In spite of what they say they mean to each other and all the sex they have, she gets on his laptop and into her father’s coded files and then sends a message to her father that basically blows the whole situation out of the water. She also finds Wolf’s mother’s death certificate showing that his mother has been dead for a very long time.

This is a story with no real resolution. I really can’t recommend it.

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