Book Review

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory

Nerd of Paradise #2

Merry Farmer, Mar 2017

293 pages, ebook, paperback, audiobook

Contemporary Hometown Romance


I purchased this at the current sale price. This is my honest review for which I receive no compensation of any kind.

And the reveal begins here…

The cover is awesome! Not only does it use THAT blue freely, but the guy is so sweet and hot looking you just want to gobble him up! And I’m sure that’s why they used him.

The story is pretty good, too. The company is all high-tech, aerospace engineering stuff. But the owner is a hometown boy. He’s trying his hardest to get as many of his space engineers hooked up with hometown people as he can. So he’s doing it with mixed functions. This one is an orienteering function. Each couple is one engineer and one townie carefully matched up after watching them all work-out together for a couple weeks. Our particular pair is Melody Clutterbuck and Will Darling. Don’t those names grate on you? They do for me. Oh well, the author is really crazy with all the names in the books, so I just got used to it and sort of ignored them after a while.

The characters, other than their names were pretty good. One thing that really bothered me was that I really couldn’t believe that a grown man who had served in the Air Force would allow his father to treat him the way Will’s tried to treat him. His father treated him worse than most people would treat a pet dog, expecting him to do what he said when he said it no matter what else was going on or what he said to the contrary. Nor would anyone be that dense and insensitive as to not get the message after all the things that were said and the evidence before him.

The pace was casual for the most part. Well, up until the end of the race, when it actually turned into a race and then people got hurt. There was tension throughout the story, but it was different types of tension. There was the tension of waiting to see who was going to get paired up for the contest in the beginning. Then there was the tension during the contest between the couple of the type between a man and a woman who are attracted to each other but aren’t too sure what to do about it, especially just before they give in to the temptation. Then we finally had the tension of the final sprint to the finish line and the arguments with Will’s father. It was up and down all through the story.

Now, this was book #2 in the series. I liked this one so much that I bought and marathon read the rest of the series(6 books) in a weekend. I highly recommend this series of books just for the fun of it. These aren’t ever going to be classics or prize winners, but they are just fun.

Recommended for the fun of it!

#1 Opposites Attract, #3 Carbon Dating, #4 Heat Wave, #5 Thermal Dynamics, #6 Chemical Reaction

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