Book Review

Reunion in Death

Reunion in Death

In Death series

J.D. Robb, Nora Roberts

Berkley Press, Mar 2002

378 pages, ebook, paperback, hardcover, audiobook, MP3 CD

Sci-fi thriller romantic cozy


I purchased this a part of a bundle for my nook app from This is my honest review for which I receive no compensation of any kind.

And here begins the reveal…

The cover is styled to fit the rest of the series with the items in the picture at the bottom coming from the story.

The story is woven through with the complexity we expect of this series. Multiple storylines happening simultaneously to keep us busy and our minds going in different directions at once. In this one, the main homicide is that of the murders that are happening all over NYC. Then in other cities. A challenging criminal has returned to the scene and is getting away with…yes, murder. Juliana squares off against Eve and seems to be one step ahead of her until Eve figures out what Juliana’s next step will be and spoils the spa time in Italy she has planned before her next murder. Angry and unhappy at missing her “me-time”, Juliana shows up at a charity event run by Louise, our favorite doctor, and gets taken down by Dallas.

The pace, as typical of this series, is one step ahead of itself. But you don’t have any trouble keeping up with the details and changes of direction. It keeps things exciting.

The tension in these books is always right up there, and this book is no exception. It spikes with some events in the story. This story has some particularly difficult events in it that really touch the heart if you are a follower of the series.

Events of particular note:

  • Phoebe and Sam Peabody come to visit their daughter and end up staying at the Roarke mansion. Sam tries to help Eve with a headache and accidentally sees her past.
  • Dallas meets Dr. Mira’s husband, Dennis, and has tea with him and Charlotte at their home.
  • Eve and Roarke make a trip to Dallas to the site of her abuse and the death of her father. Memories flood in and Roarke supports her as she falls apart. He has no outlet for his feelings. Dr. Mira comes to see him as soon as they return to NYC.
  • Peabody is given a cold case by Dallas and works it on her own. She cracks the case. The first case on her own.

This is one of the best books in this series. It has a challenging murder case, but even better, lots of stuff about Eve and Roarke and their relationship in casual settings. I can’t recommend this one enough.

Highly recommended.

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