Book Review

Time Crawlers

Time Crawlers

Stories from Parallel Universes

Varun Sayal

Jun 2018, Kindle, paperback

100 pages

Collection, short stories, sci-fi mythology

Borrowed, Kindle Unlimited


The cover is perfect for such a book, one of a bunch of short stories of sci-fi styling. The stories are a wonderful mixture of conversations, interviews, and fairytales scrambled together with terms from science and fiction and a lot of imagination. The characters are sketched out enough to play their parts as that’s all that’s needed in such short stories. They are more acting personalities than characters. In each story, the pace is brisk due to the brevity of the story, which keeps the tension high. And there is a moral or lesson to each story it seems. There is a definite taste of Indian culture and mythology in most of the stories, which you might expect given the author’s nationality. His background is science and IT, so he is well-grounded in his subject and uses his knowledge well without talking over your head. This debut collection of short stories is well worth taking a look at and hoping that the author has more to offer.


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