Book Review

The Resistance Series

The Resistance Series

By Tracy Lawson


28 pages, prequel, Nov 2016, Teen/YA


186 pages, book 1, Oct 2018, Teen/YA


282 pages, book 2, Oct 2018, Teen/YA


269 pages, book 3, Oct 2018, Teen/YA


240 pages, book 4 (final), Oct 2018, Teen/YA

Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook (except the prequel, which is only in Kindle format)

Provided, Author

Sci-fi Dystopian YA


The covers are interesting and present an interesting series. Initially, when looking at them, they don’t appear to be a thriller series of a future dystopian American society that’s about to undergo a coup at the highest level. But that’s exactly what this series is. 2035 better not be this disruptive!

The story is well done. I don’t know how real to life it all is for revolutionists, not ever having been involved in a revolution. But they have their organization and their slip-ups. People get hurt and even killed. This is a serious revolution. Each of our two young heroes, Careen and Tommy, get seriously hurt, shot, and even tortured. There are times when you don’t know who is on which side or which side is good or bad, which I imagine may be authentic to a situation such as this. So many people appeared to know what they were talking about and appeared to be speaking the truth, whether they were or not. People who were in positions of authority and power in the country and law enforcement. But as Hemingway said, power corrupts. It seems to corrupt the weak who can’t stand on their own and have to have something like a title to hold up to show how great they are.

The characters were really well done. Some of them we got to know quite well because we were with them all the way through the book and got to know their quirks and even how they like their coffee. Others just sort of passed through here and there as very minor characters, like Nicole. Poor, scared, Nicole.

The pace was mostly relentless as all five books seemed to barrel towards some horrendous cataclysmic ending. The tension of never quite knowing who was on which side and what would pop out around the next corner kept the tension stretched tight throughout. No rest. No time to catch your breath. Just like the characters.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series and would strongly recommend it for Young Adult readers of this genre, Political Dystopian Thriller YA with just a touch of young romance thrown in.


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