Sparkling Society

Sparkling Society

Games – Simulation

Company started in 2013

Also, do battle and card games

Free with in-app purchases


That would be 5 stars if it weren’t for those in-app purchases!

I found these fun little games totally by accident. I wasn’t even looking for them when I found them. One of them popped up on my feed. I liked the look of the artwork, took a look at the game, and was hooked. The games are cute, fun, and simple. I find them to be very relaxing.

The premise of each of these games is the same. They are all strings of islands that need to be settled and developed. You have to balance the workforce with available housing and jobs. You can use real money to speed things up, but it is quite possible to play the games without using any money. You simply develop your land and expand with the profit from your properties as you go. You also find treasure chests of “money” and “gold” on a somewhat regular basis as well as getting things like diamonds and good feelings back from your population on some islands. Once you’ve played one of the games, you know how to play the rest of the series as they all work the same way. You start by building a house. Then you need to build a business of some sort for the resident(s) to work. Then more houses and more businesses. And don’t forget to add community places and decorations to keep your residents happy or they might all move out of town!

And you have your choice of everything from tropical islands to snow-covered ones. So while you might be developing beach bars (good profits!) and beach huts (for 36!) in one game, you could be dealing with ice rinks and snow sculptures (happy residents!) in another. There’s also a couple based on airports, which I haven’t tried, yet. I haven’t even looked at the company’s card or battle games. The island series has kept me so engaged!

Highly recommended for those looking for simple, fun gaming with little to no investment.

2 thoughts on “Sparkling Society

  1. Use caution buying into this game. The company goes to great length to prevent customers from reaching customer service or tech support. I have been looking for a week to no avail. They do NOT provide contact for help. They just shuffle you from page to page and you come back to page 1 again. There is no tech support for game issues.

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