Book Review

Ghost Light

Ghost Light

Ivy Granger, Psychic Detective #2)

E.J. Stevens

Sacred Oaks Press, Jun 2013

206 pages, Kindle, paperback, audiobook

Fantasy w/ghosts

Provided, author


The cover is not terribly exciting, but it is appropriate to the story with the graveyard full of stones and the wisps gathered around Ivy, the young female heroine of the series.

The story is what I have come to expect of this series. Ivy goes from one crisis to another crisis, sometimes hers, sometimes her friends’, sometimes her enemies’. She tackles them all. This time she is starting to manifest the fae gifts from her father, who she thinks is Will-of-the-Wisp, King of the Wisps. She’s also having memory flashes.

She almost runs into her boyfriend’s ex-wife, but is saved from exposure by a cat sidhe with a torn ear who speaks to her in her mind and addresses her as “Princess”. Ceff’s ex-wife is Melusine, a lamia, who has a pet pit viper and is working with the Pied Piper of Hamlin and a cursed pipe to steal 33 fae children for the Danse Macabre. It will take all the cleverness and magic of Ivy, Ceff and their many friends to stop this nasty plot.

But Ivy makes some serious strides forward in knowing who she is. She even goes to visit her mother, realizing her mother was under a geas and couldn’t tell her anything. The magic broke her mother’s finger when they tried to get around it. But word has gotten out to the rest of the fae that she is the princess of the wisps. So far nothing bad has come back from the wisps. So far.

But the closing scene is Jinx being approached in a faerie bar by her nemesis, Forneus, lawyer, demon, and sometime client. Sounds like the next book will start out with trouble on the run!

Highly recommended.

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