Book Review

Deep Cover

Deep Cover

A Love Over Duty Novel #3

Scarlett Cole

St. Martin’s Paperbacks, Jul 2018

336 pages, Kindle, paperback

Contemporary Romance, Bad Boy Romance


Provided by NetGalley

The cover is good, eye-catching. However, this is about two strong people. There’s Cade and there’s Amy. But on the cover, you’d think there’s only Cade. No sign of Amy. Hmmm. So much of what happens is about her and due to her, so why isn’t she somewhere on that cover?

The story was great! It was complex and engaging. It was fun to see the group interact and tease each other. To party together and bring family together. It was interesting to listen to the various legal teams work together and plan out what they would do, how to protect Amy on the boat, then how to get her back once things went wrong. It was especially fun to listen to Amy and Cade plan on finding a beach at the end, planning their future together.

Knowing some of these characters from previous books helped, but even new characters such as Amy Murray and sleazy Sokolov were well written. Amy was a competent agent in her own right. She was doing this undercover case because her mother had been taken. She was trying to help other families to get answers because her family never got answers.

Cabe is still getting over the death of his wife, Jess. But when he meets Amy, he realizes that maybe he is ready to move on. Maybe it’s okay to let go. This is a group of guys who met in kindergarten and are now adults. They tease each other, get mad at each other when one crosses the line. But they forgive, too. They support each other, they are incredibly close.

The pace was spot on. Things moved along, but the author held some things back a bit for more suspense in some places, like that car turning North instead of South and Sokolov knowing exactly who Amy was! The tension was high throughout the book between the undercover case and the romance. I highly recommend this book and this series for adventure and romance.

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