Book Review

Winter Mistletoe

Winter Mistletoe

Dracula’s Mistletoe, Book 2

R. Kitt

Dec 2018

Kobo & GoodReads, only

Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance


Provided by Author

The cover is definitely eye-catching and dramatic. I loved it! So sensual, I just knew the story inside would be a good one. Of course, knowing the author’s style, it was what I expected anyway. It didn’t disappoint.

The story is complicated and intense. But it starts very slowly, and I almost lost interest actually. I was afraid that for the first time Ms. Kitt had let me down.

I recently read something by another author that he learned when he was first beginning to write. He was told to start out with action, enough action to capture his audience and bring them into the story. Then he could bring in the details of the backstory. He had written his whole first book with a huge chunk of backstory up front thinking that he had to explain what was going on first. After getting this advice, he chopped off the first third of his book and rewrote it starting with some action and worked in the backstory as he went. His book sold. Sorry, I really can’t remember who this author was. If I ever remember who it was, I’ll post an update here. Perhaps that advice applies to this book. But I hung in there since the backstory picked up and ran into the current situation and things got going rather quickly, especially since Ms. Kitt doesn’t write long books.

The characters were so well written that you felt like you actually knew them and could speak to them yourself. I really like the way Ms. Kitt does characters. She describes them and yet she doesn’t. She simply brings them to life. They are just so real. And they interact in such natural ways, no stilted conversations. She writes conversation very well. In fact, she writes just about everything very well.

The pace and tension build as the story went on from what had happened to what everyone’s reaction was in the present time. It just sort of came to an explosive head when the whole truth was revealed and admitted to at the end. This is a wonderful love story and I highly recommend it to those who love to read paranormal or fantasy type of love stories.

And here’s hoping the author will write more for those of us who love her work. I’d love to see her write an epic novel rather than a series of short novella-type books for her next one. I love big books!

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