Book referrals?

I was recently reading a posting on the FaceBook page of my group of Lake Union ladies. The week’s author had posted her current reading list and I browsed through it, all Lake Union published books of recent publishing, of course. She was catching up on the recent pubs. Several of them looked good, but one, in particular, caught my eye, so I bought it and read it and you’ve already read my review on it. I’ve found books in other ways and I’m sure you all have as well. Share with me and my readers some of the more interesting ways you’ve gotten a “book referral” for a really good book. I’d love to have you post them here for us to read in the comments.

One thought on “Book referrals?

  1. I personally have had most of my own recommendations come from Goodreads as I’m not on FB. Often, they come through in comments on other book reviews that I’ve left on GR. 😉


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