#6 Degrees for April 2019

The #6 Degrees for April 2019


I was supposed to do this on Saturday, the first Saturday of the month. But I really don’t do much posting on Saturdays. So here it is today, the second Monday of the month. I think it’s just as much fun to read today, even though it’s a few days late. I’ll try to be better from now on.

The six books I had chosen for this month have stress in common. I had almost decided to take a hiatus from my blog. It was either take a hiatus or be very good and get my life together and be more disciplined. I had purchased several books for pure enjoyment, which is always dangerous for me. And sure enough, it happened. I was contacted by no less than three authors that I hate to say no to and two reps with new books to push. Plus another author I always do, had a final book before she took an extended hiatus. There I was with six books to read and review in no particular order and most with no particular date other than within the next couple of months. This always happens to me when I purchase books for my own enjoyment. All of a sudden, I have an influx of requested “read and reviews”. Like I said, stress. Who should I read first? Have I read the book before it? I always like to read a series in order, so I may have to read something else before I can read the requested book so I know something about the people or story involved. Then there’s almost always one book that refuses to come through electronically. For some reason, it seems to happen every time. There will be one book that doesn’t want to transmit or will come through as gobbledy goop. That’s a technical term, by the way. I had an art book come through with no pictures, text only, one time. That was really fun. I read the text and went to the store to browse through the art in person. After three tries, I gave up on transmission. It was easier to look at it over a tasty latte at the local B&N cafe. And, when can I fit in the books I’d just bought for my own pleasure? That’s the stress of writing a book blog.

I used to read at least five books a week and post five reviews a week, including Christmas. I burnt myself out doing that. I had no time for genealogy and other hobbies or for people. My cat will no longer allow me to sit up reading late at night as I used to. She starts making strange noises and knocking things off shelves if I do that. That wakes up people already sleeping and causes trouble. So, let me introduce you to my Six Stressors:

One is The Earl Next Door by Amelia Grey. I cut my adult reading teeth on historical romance, so you can always count me in when it comes to reading this particular genre, and the reps know it. They see me as a soft touch for their historical romance writers, I think. This one is due out May 28th from St. Martin’s Paperbacks. It’s the first in a new series, First Comes Love and is a “second-chance” romance.

Two is Demons of Time: Race to the 7th Sunset by Varun Sayal. This is book #1 of The Time Travelers series being released by Kindle on April 15th. It is already available as a paperback. If you read Mr. Sayal’s previous book of short stories, Time Crawlers, you will recognize a similar usage of culture, religion, and mythology. Time travel is woven into the story and used as only an engineer could use it. This is 200 pages of science fiction and fantasy woven together in a way you’ve never read it before. It’s written from a totally different perspective and it’s exciting!

Three is Rogue Most Wanted by Janna McGregor from St. Martin’s Paperbacks. Coming out June 25th. You know how it is when people start matchmaking and then someone throws in a fake engagement to throw people off the track. Well, let’s throw in a wounded heart and a vow to never marry again. There, that should make a great historical romance. I’m up for reading it!

And four is Mother Mistletoe, Dracula’s Mistletoe #3 by R. Kitt. This is a dark fantasy series that I have been reading and reviewing as the author’s written it, but I got the last two books mixed up. So now I need to do three after I’ve already done four. Sorry to both the author and the readers. This is the only dark series I do, and I really like it. It is totally unique with its story and and magics and characters. For that reason, when this author calls, I can’t say “no”. And I know it will always be worth it.

Number five is The Disappearance of Alistair Ainsworth, book three in The Daughters of Sherlock Holmes series by Leonard Goldberg. I had picked an eARC from NetGalley to read and it’s not due out until June 19th, so I figured I had plenty of time to read the FIRST TWO BOOKS in the series. What was that word again? Oh yes, stress. I have been meaning to read this series since the first book came out.

Which, nicely brings us to book number six, which was another one I picked out of the line up on NetGalley. That’s Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casy McQuiston being brought out May 14th by Macmillan. It has such a cute but outrageously, politically incorrect storyline, that I just couldn’t resist it. Just imagine the “first son of the US” and the royal prince of the UK having a love affair! Just too, too, folks!

Six, Plus Stressors for April anyone?,, #6degrees,

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