Book Review

Under the Skin

Under the Skin

Skin Quartet Book 4

Zara West

Wild Rose Press, June 19, 2019

217 pages, Kindle, nook book

Contemporary Romance Thriller

Provided by Author


This cover coordinates with the first three very well and uses elements of the story nicely – the couple, the bridge, and the city in the distance. These would make a nice gift set or would look really great used as a display on a shelf once they’re all available in paperback. The covers are subtle but have a wonderful impact and go so well with the stories contained in them.

This is the fourth and last book in this fabulous series, sorry to say. First, there was Melissa and Ari in Beneath the Skin. Then there was Sirena and Vernon in Close to the Skin. After that was Alba and Pharaoh in Within the Skin. Now there are Mic and Lena in this new book to be released this week, Under the Skin. Though maybe Ms. West is wise in this. Do a great job and leave your audience wanting more. So when she releases a new book, we’ll all line up to buy it right away knowing it’ll be another great story.

This story about Mic and Lena certainly is. It combines the danger of climbing the heights of the city with keeping one step ahead of the bad guys again. Mic is Alba’s younger brother from book three. He’s the one that ended up having his leg amputated after having a bad tattoo experience and being held captive by the mobsters. Well, he’s rich and making bridges now. Trying to break away from his older sister’s control and overprotectiveness. He’s also rescuing what he thought was a young boy from the cops after the suspected thief takes a fall from a bridge. The young thief turns out to be Lena, who really has no appreciation for his help and only thinks of how to get away and what she can steal from him. The two tangle verbally and physically quite a bit before she ends up back with her illegal immigrant family.

Then the nightmare begins. A face from Mic’s past walks into Lena’s life and causes mayhem forcing her to steal on command while holding her family hostage. It seems that Mic is the only one who can help her and her family escape the mess she’s fallen into. It comes close to costing Mic his life and his fortune to get them all out alive with all their working parts. But this is a Zara West, so we know it will end on a happy note. Yes, Mic and Lena get their happily-ever-after.

Under the Skin by Zara West is being released this week on the 19th, Wednesday. So get your copy and enjoy it soon! I highly recommend it. This summer is the perfect time to reread the whole series and indulge yourself with The Skin Quartet.

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