Book Review



Ethereals Book #1

R. Kitt

June 30, 2019 Release date

378 pages, Ebook

Fantasy, paranormal mythological fantasy


eARC provided by Author

The cover design, as is typical with this author’s cover style, is very dark. It shows a bloodied handprint against a solid dark background and all behind bars. The bloodied handprint is the cost of her life already and with more to come. This Ethereal young woman’s life is shackled to an earthly life due to debts owing by her bloodline and commitments she assumes. She will not be completely free until the two parts of her existence are completely reintegrated and her memory is complete so that she is fully herself and can live her life freely or until her two halves are completely sundered.

The story of Eboney, her Ethereal family, her human family, and the two men she loves is very complex and interesting. We get to know Eboney quite well, as well as she gets to know herself in this story of rediscovery. We learn more and more about her as she uncovers memories and makes painful discoveries throughout the story. Using a fatal car crash, her mother has bound Eboney to a human body which closes off her memories of her Ethereal life, in an effort to relocate her mother’s missing husband. Being his daughter, Eboney’s bond of blood should enable her to locate him. Going forward and backward in time and switching back and forth between human and Ethereal lives, Ms. Kitt gives us the backstory, brings in memories, and moves the story forward very smoothly, all the time balancing a full cast of characters in two lives for this young woman. Some of the characters cross the lines, but others do not. It’s an amazing juggling act, but the author pulls it off very well.

The pace is what I always term “the pace of life”, where things that should be slow are slow, and things that should be fast are fast. The tension builds with the deadlines that are constantly being set throughout the story for things that have to happen, especially since some of the Ethereals are able to see the future and there is the handy “Black Book” with the future conveniently written down for those who find it and take the time to read it. The world building is awesome and believable as in the author’s previous series. The magic is appropriate and well incorporated to the wielders of magic.

There were times that I was cheering for Eboney to hurry up and complete her change to Ethereal so that she could be with Zac. He loved her so much and they were such a great couple! But then there were times I really wanted her to be a human so that she could stay with her human family and friends and do the things that she was meant to do and be there for Xavior when he does his great deeds and they work out their relationship. Both sides of her life were really well written and at times, I just couldn’t decide which way it should go. I was happily and totally lost in it. In the end, I’m not sure how it went because of a last-minute twist of fate, or should I say a last-minute twist on the Fate-in-training? It loses half a star because I don’t like cliff-hangers. Otherwise, I highly recommend this to readers of fantasy and especially to readers of this author’s other books. This looks to be another great series, but longer and so much more involved! I’m anxiously awaiting book two to see how the twist went!

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