Book Review

The Four Sworn: Spring Equinox

The Four Sworn: Spring Equinox

Lenore Sagaskie

320 pages, Self-pub, Nov 2017

ebook, paperback



Purchased for nook

The cover is totally uninteresting to me. I much prefer a picture rather than black and white with symbols, even when they are so symbolic of the whole story. These happen to be symbols for Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. Not the ones that I know, but in some language or culture. Maybe in fey? I can only guess at which ones are which. The top one is fire. The yellow triangle is earth? As in mountains? The white square is wind, as in the four winds? And that leaves the circle to be water, like a drop? Just my guess.

The story was quite well written with the four main characters each experiencing changes in their lives and in themselves as their powers developed in them. Then they started coming together and interacting and helping each other. Once the four of them were together and actually in touch with the feyland forces through Gabe, their little coordinator, things started to move very quickly. Then “people” started getting hurt as the opposition made some covert moves. With each step taken more “people” got hurt and as it led up to the final crisis, it was a close thing. In the end, it seemed like their victory, though painful, was rather decisive. So I can’t imagine what the author has saved up for Summer Solstice, Book Two.

The characters were very well written. Main characters were fleshed out well in the time before they all came together so that you really felt invested in them by the time they started working together and understood how they felt about things and why they felt that way. Even secondary characters were fairly well fleshed out so that you were concerned about them when they were hurt or missing. The one character I just couldn’t seem to warm up to was the Queen of feyland. For some reason, she just didn’t seem to have any warmth. Dare I say, no humanity? Maybe in the next book, we’ll see some more of her that will reveal some feeling.

The pace and the tension were great in this book and I’m looking forward to the second book in the hopes that this will continue there. The author had a fine touch for allowing things to go easy at times and pick up at others to keep you on your toes. I recommend this first book in The Four Sworn series, Spring Equinox to those of you who enjoy a good fantasy with all sorts of nature fey and humans who acquire the power of the four natural forces.

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