Book Review

Rogue Most Wanted

Rogue Most Wanted

The Cavensham Heiresses #5

Janna MacGregor

St. Martin’s Pub, Jun 2019

380 pages, ebook, paperback

Historical Romance


eARC from NetGalley

The cover is beautiful with the romantic couple dancing on that fabulous golden yellow background. It glows. I thought it was one of the better romance covers I saw this spring.

The story was quite good, but one we seem to be seeing a lot of lately. The young lady has decided she isn’t going to marry, then is forced to by the needs of her estate. While the young man is helping in some way and ends up falling for the young woman. In this case, our heroine is being forced to marry as she can’t find the documents that prove the estate is hers and marriage may be the only way she can keep it.

While our hero is busy providing handsome eligible bachelors for her to meet and look over, he is also busy falling in love with her. Her feelings for him aren’t neutral either. After a while, they are both just paying lip service to their refusal to marriage between them, of course. This is a romance, you know. It was fun and it was entertaining and I love the cover. It would make a great book to read by the pool this summer!

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