Book Review

Marigolds and Murder

Marigolds and Murder

Port Danby Cozy Mystery #1

London Lovett

Self-pub, Sep 2017

178 pages, ebook, paperback

Cozy mystery


Purchased for nook

The covers of this series are all styled the same and this one fits right into the series nicely. It shows the town of Port Danby in little cartoon-like buildings with appropriate weather across the top, clouds and sun for this one, with the trees turning their fall colors. And the marigolds from the title and the story down in the left near the title. The cartoon of the author center top just above her name. The colors are bright without making my eyes water.

The story was really cute and caught my attention. I liked the triangle that didn’t get too close in this book, just added some romantic tension and interest. A handsome next-door neighbor and a sexy detective to play with, what more could a girl new-to-town want? Lacey Pinkerton has both, and she’s making friends right and left. Well, the town’s mayor doesn’t seem to like her or her pet crow, Kingston. But she’s making so many friends that he can’t get the Town Council to vote to ban crows from the downtown area. An unusual way to get involved in the murders at least, a super sensitive nose, hyperosmia. She literally sniffs out the bad guy!

The pace was fast and the tension stayed high on the crime as well as the personal relationships, of which there are plenty as Lacey, or Pink as she likes to be called, gets to know her new town and its inhabitants. I liked it so much I immediately read the second book in the series, then the third, and fourth, and fifth. I now have all ten books in the series and am really looking forward to reading the second half of the series. I highly recommend this series if you love cute, fun cozies with personable characters and interesting stories.

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