Brought to you by the verb “to read

In the past, present, and future tense.

As in have been reading, are currently reading,

And might read next…or are considering reading next…

This is my variation on the meme done by others,

And very well, I might add.

Mine simply looks a bit different…

Have been reading… As promised, I made the effort and finished listening to Tangled in Time, and it was worth it. I really enjoyed the story and the audible experience. K.C. Sheridan did an awesome job with Barbara Longley’s book. I highly recommend it. Read my review tomorrow. 

I finished Peonies and Poison #6 in the Port Danby series by London Lovett. Another fun edition in that crazy series of murder and budding romance for my favorite florist.

A book I snuck in that I hadn’t planned on really getting to this week, is A Season of Surprises at the Villa des Violettes by Patricia Sands. It’s just been out a couple of weeks and it’s really good. If you have read any of Patricia Sands’ work and know her style, you will understand when I say it is wonderfully warm and makes you feel at home immediately. This is the second book in the Villa des Violettes series with Philippe and Kat. In this one, the villa is finally ready to have guests and the B&B is launched. My review was posted this Monday.

I received the ARC for A Long Time Coming in April of 2018. I was so surprised that I had been approved for it as the author is so well established and I was so new to NetGalley. But I am a fan of the Skeleton Detective, so I got right into the book. I wasn’t far into it when I set it down. It took me quite a while to read the book. Once I finally finished it I set it aside and couldn’t make myself write a review of it. Recently I have been making myself clean up my backlog and there sits A Long Time Coming with no review. Over a year old and I hadn’t done a review on it. I couldn’t even remember the book, but I remembered the feeling the book gave me. I made myself sit down and read the book again. In two sittings I was through it. I allowed myself to think about it for a bit before writing the review and then I wrote what I felt was a fair review. The second reading had been better, but I had not been completely wrong with my first reading. My review was posted yesterday, in case you missed it.


This book, Things That Art: a graphic menagerie of enchanting curiosity by Lochlann Jain is something I’ve been partaking of a bit at a time. It requires some study and some thought. I could have used a translator as well, or perhaps a good dictionary. I only have a bachelors degree in fine arts and I felt like I needed a PhD in English to read this. I understood the author’s introduction well enough. Then it got into the various parts written by other people and I was totally lost. Words I had never heard of, never mind didn’t understand the meaning of. I even had some trouble sounding some of them out. At that point, I started skimming the essays and enjoying the art. And the art was wonderful and something to really study. I understood what the point of the art was, so I was okay with that. However, I had to miss out on what the essays were saying since I just couldn’t sit there looking up seven words out of ten to understand each sentence. It’s a shame, because I’m sure they had some very interesting things to say. It’s just too bad they couldn’t have used words that more people could have understood. There was one that explained a word used in the essay and I couldn’t even understand the explanation. Oh well. This isn’t due out until September, so I’ll do a full review closer to its pub date.

Are currently reading

I just got Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues by Molly Harper, narrated by Amanda Ronconi and Jonathan Davis lined up to listen to in Audible. It’s only a bit over 3 hours long, so it shouldn’t take long to get through. It has really mixed reviews, so I’m not sure what I’m getting into with this one. I saw everything from 1-star to 5-stars for this with some really long write-ups for both sides. Molly Harper writes paranormal stuff with some really crazy titles and this just seemed like one to try. We’ll see. If you’ve read her work, let me know what you think in the comments.

I’m reading an ARC, Dessert First: Preparing for Death While Savoring Life by J. Dana Trent. I recently signed up with Edelweiss and this is my first book for them. I think my first book with NetGalley was a strange one, too. Strange as in not just a story. The author is a minister and her specialty seems to be helping people prepare for the end of life. She spent her first year as a minister in a hospital assisting at the bedside for terminal patients and ER fatalities. They called her Chaplain Death. She was only in her mid-twenties. I’m at 59% in the book and I’m finding it very interesting. Her journey through her professional experiences and then when her own mother died a few years later. How her professional training and experience helped her. Yes, this is religious, but it is very matter of fact and not preachy in the least bit.

Are considering reading next

I accepted a book for review called Eve’s Win by Ed Lynskey that I need to read this week. And I also bought The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon because I read a couple of good reviews on it and I absolutely love the cover. Another book I picked up recently is Relative Fortunes by Marlowe Benn. The cover attracted my eye. On my nook, I purchased books 1 and 2 in the Long Valley series by Erin Wright, Accounting for Love and Blizzard of Love. I still have three books left in the Port Danby series by London Lovett, too. And I still haven’t gotten to Tea, Tiramisu, and Tough Guys or The Secret Story of Witches. Lots of choices! Any suggestions for my future reading?

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