Book Review

Tangled in Time

Tangled in Time

The MacCarthy Sisters

Barbara Longley

K.C. Sheridan, narrator

Brilliance Audio, Oct 2017

9 hours, 41 minutes

Time-travel Romance

Purchased in Audible


The cover is so pretty! The old stones with the title coming up over them like the sun. Then the handsome couple above that with all the misty green filling in spaces like the mist the author is always spreading in the book. Yes, very eye-catching! And so appropriate for this book.

The story was really good. Regan MacCarthy comes to Ireland looking for enough magic to stop her gift. She sees ghosts and can communicate with them. Well, that’s not something just anyone can do. When people find out about it, they want her to help them with their grief and loss of loved ones and other sorts of problems with the dead. She gets overwhelmed with requests and demands for her gifts. She feels like her life isn’t her own. But her parents, especially her mother, have always said that that’s what she has her gifts for, to help others. But Regan wants her life back. She’s hoping to find enough magic in Ireland to help her still her gift. What she finds is magic alright, but not the sort she’s looking for. She finds a man out of time who’s cursed by a fae princess. He must find a woman who can see him, fall in love with her, and be willing to give his life for her. Faelan is 1800 years old, one of the mighty Irish warriors. Until he can prove he’s cursed and not just a “boasty ghosty” Regan is going along for a good time. They spend time together and find they really like each other. Faelan takes her to meet his family, who is in on what happened to him with his curse and all. They are really hoping that Regan is the woman to break the curse. She’s the only one he’s brought home to meet the family, his descendants.

Faelan and Regan have strong feelings for each other. But they both realize something about the curse. No matter how much they might feel for each other, there is still the part about Faelan’s being willing to give his life for her. And one must never forget the fae. Startled, but not surprised, they end up back in the 3rd century facing the fae princess and her secret that explains why she’s so resolute about holding onto her mighty Irish warrior. Regan and Faelan both come close to death before they find their freedom and happiness.

K.C. Sheridan narrated this story. In all the over nine hours of the story, I never was confused who was speaking or what was going on. She managed the Irish brogue and the deep southern drawl really well. I was amazed at first when she did it, but as the story went on it just seemed natural to hear her switch back and forth. Her voice was perfect as she seems to have a natural lilt to her voice and it made it almost seem as if there was music when there really wasn’t.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Time-travel romance and Irish tales. I’m just waiting for the next sister’s story.

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