Book Review

Gate of Shadows

Gate of Shadows

Six Degrees, Book IV

R. Kitt

May 2019

74 pages, novella

Paranormal Romance, Dystopian Fantasy World

Provided by Author


The cover is interesting, but a bit on the dark side. It needs some more contrast as we see on the first and second books in the series. Perhaps the starry sky as Makiah and Raina look up at Mars?

The story was really good. Makiah has always had to guard against draining whatever girl he was with, so he could never really relax in his relationships. Finally, he has found a girl who seems made for him. She’s full of shadows to feed him and doesn’t get drained by being with him. Raina seems to be the perfect girl for him, this lovely young Wiccan of Lalamore. But her family is cursed by Hades and he holds four things of theirs, four souls. Raina is given a choice to make and very little time to make it. But can she live with the consequences of her choice?

Ms. Kitt does an excellent job of making her characters real to us in her short works. Some of her characters we have seen before in previous books and some are new in this book, but they weave seamlessly into the current book and work well together. And I always enjoy the trips into Deepworld to visit elder members of the family when they call for the younger members of the family to attend them. Brush your teeth quickly before you get sucked through the mirror!

The pace of the story was brisk. Given the length of the book, that’s no surprise. The tension was constant throughout. It all built up to a fever pitch at the end for Raina’s decision and the consequences. Then the cliffhanger leaving us waiting for the next book in the series. Tisk, tisk! I highly recommend this book and the whole series, Six Degrees. R. Kitt is an independent author and is not available on Amazon. Her books are available on Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Scribd.

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