Book Review

Live and Let Chai

Live and Let Chai

Seaside Cafe Series #1

Bree Baker

Sourcebooks Landmark, Jul 2018

352 pages

Cozy mystery

Purchased on nook


The cover is colorful, eye-catching and full of items that totally relate to the story. Even the seagull is part of the story!

The story is pretty good. Everly Swan has returned to her hometown of Charm and opened an iced tea and goodies place right on the beach. She has about 30 different secret family recipes for iced tea and is very excited about this venture. Then one disgruntled customer turns up dead near her cafe with one of her iced tea mugs and an indication of poison. The whole town seems to turn against her even though she and her aunts are so well-known in town. There’s a handsome detective (of course) who is trying his best to discourage her from sticking her nose into his investigation of the murder. But Everly figures if she doesn’t solve the case, no one will. While still trying to run her newly opened iced tea shop and keep town opinion more positive than negative, Everly attempts to track down a killer. She seems to have set off some attempts on her own life in the process and things get a bit rough.

The pace is brisk and the tension is always high as the author takes us from one new development to another. Looks like this could be another good cozy series. I recommend this book to cozy mystery readers.

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