Book Review

The Seduction Expert

The Seduction Expert

Saya Lopez Ortega

VSP Publishing, Jul 2019

Amazon Digital, Aug 2019

186 pages, Kindle, also in paperback

Women’s Lit

Provided by NetGalley

The cover is absolutely stunning! It will catch the eye of everyone who sees it on a shelf. The line drawing of the city, the simple text, and then the sensual, shiny, red, patent stiletto pump. Wow! If that doesn’t catch your eye and say sex, nothing will. It’s the reason I requested the book, honestly. I just couldn’t resist the graphic design of the piece. The graphic artist in me was doing cartwheels.

Well, the romantic in me was cringing after reading some of the book. This isn’t really a story. It reads more like a dossier on a criminal. The Baroness runs a consulting firm where she pumps her clients for information on their “target”, ie the person they are fascinated with. Then she designs a plan for them to follow to get what they want. She charges top dollar and she only deals with very wealthy people going after very wealthy people.

I kept finding myself saying “I hope she gets what is coming to her”. I truly disliked this woman and her methods for “helping people get what they wanted”. I find it difficult to believe there are so many four and five-star ratings on this book. Did these people truly read this book? The reviewers I respect have had similar reactions to mine about this book. Not that I’m afraid to have a difference of opinion about a book, but this one is a bit off somehow. I cannot recommend this book at all.

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