Book Review

Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy

Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy

Cold River Ranch Book #2

Caitlin Crews

St. Martin’s Press, July 30, 2019

Kindle, Paperback, Audio CD

Cowboy Romance, Second-chance Romance

Provided by NetGalley


The cover shows the clear blue Colorado skies that hang over the Cold River Ranch, the ranch of the Everett family. It also shows a good looking cowboy doffing his hat being polite as Ty Everett is supposed to be to Hannah Leigh Monroe when he meets her on his ranch as his favorite horses cozy up to her, a woman he has no memory of. It’s okay as covers go, but I think I would have preferred a rodeo picture of either him in the shutes or her on stage as a rodeo queen. Showing some of the excitement of their past.

The story is really good. It was the old story of a guy and gal fall in love and then split up. Then they get a second chance to be together and they have to hash through the past and recent mistakes, lies, and secrets before they can have a hope of being successful at it. I really liked both of these characters. They were both well defined as people in their own right, but Hannah was really well done.

Hannah was the daughter of an abandoned wife and here she was another abandoned wife living the same life her mother had lived in the same town. She decides she has to take a chance to try to save her marriage to see if she can get a chance at a different life. She has a big secret that she’s keeping from Ty and that’s her son, Jack. She’ll do anything to try to make a better life for Jack. If she can salvage her marriage and give Jack a family, she’ll have succeeded in spades.

But Ty has a secret of his own. He has no memory of what happened between them. He doesn’t even remember Hannah and their love. His accident riding a 2,000 lb bull right after their fight caused amnesia and their entire relationship is a blank to him. How they and his family work it all out is really well written. I liked the ending a lot. Highly recommended. This is the second book in the series. I’m going back to read the first one, which I suspect is the story of Gray and Abby, which should be really cute since they end up a really sweet couple.

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