Book Review

Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues

Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues

Molly Harper

Narrated by Amanda Ronconi & Jonathan Davis

Audible Studios, Jun 2019

3 hrs, 3 min.


Purchased from Audible

⭐⭐⭐🌙 3.5

The cover was fascinating. It was what drew me to this book in the first place. That and the title, of course. All that dark and mysterious area in the background with the lovely blue lady in the foreground against a large tree. Then the title in that wonderful font in a golden yellow. Of course, the title is almost as long as the book, being a novella.

The story is short and, no, not sweet. Ingrid has just moved to the Bayou and wants to be left alone to get her ice cream parlor opened in the old post office. But the people of the Bayou want to be friendly. The women want “girl talk”, something Ingrid’s never indulged in before. And one particular man, good looking and a neighbor seems to be really difficult to avoid. More and more, she doesn’t want to avoid him.

Being a novella, things didn’t have time to develop too deeply or go on very long. This is the only Molly Harper story I’ve read, but I understand she uses her characters from book to book, so maybe these characters will develop more in another book and get to be more natural. Maybe Ingrid will learn how to deal with humans better and become more likable or likable for more than her ice cream. It’s not that she was unlikeable, but she wasn’t that likable. The narrators did a pretty good job with the story, I thought. I didn’t have any trouble following who was who or what was happening. I’ll have to try some more Molly Harper works to see what her other stuff is like. Recommended.

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