Book Review

Basket Case

Basket Case

Silver Six series #1

Nancy Haddock

Berkley, Sep 2015

306 pages

Cozy mystery, Senior Cozy, Hometown Cozy

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The cover is so perfect for the story with the lovely old house looking so welcoming. The exact way you picture Aunt Sherry’s home. The glasses frames lined up in the yellow banner across the top are for the six residents of the house, the six seniors involved in the story. The artwork is wonderful, absolutely right for this book.

The story is interesting and has the requisite number of twists and turns and a dead body in the cemetery as well as a mild flirtation with the local detective on the case. “Leslee Stanton Nix, Nixy to her friends”, has a job she loves in the art world in the city and an elderly aunt living in the family house in the country, a town her family actually founded. Her aunt has taken in boarders, five to be exact. They seem to be causing a stir up in their little corner of the country and the local detective is pressuring Nixy to come and do something about it before he has to take some legal action against Miss Sherry. But getting ahead in the city and visiting her aunt in the country aren’t compatible. Her boss isn’t giving her emergency leave and the detective isn’t budging either. Now or he’ll have to do something. So Nixy heads for Lilyvale.

It’s amusing, amazing, and amounted to much more than I had expected from the cover. There’s moonshine, scurrilous land deals, artists & crafters, friends helping friends, and a ghost. It’s fast-paced and the tension is high. Nixy has to figure out what the seniors’ secrets are and then solve the murder case with the detective who is handsome and even smells good. This is the first book in the series and there are two more books so far. Highly recommended for readers of cozy mysteries, especially those who appreciate the senior touch.

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