Book Review

In Intimate Detail

In Intimate Detail

How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie

Cora Harrington

Foreword by Dita Von Teese

Ten Speed Press, Aug 2018

152 pages

Intimate Fashion, Fashion Reference

Provided by NetGalley & purchased at sale price on Amazon


I received a partial copy of this book to read for review from NetGalley when I got it. At the time, I was still very new to reviewing. I read what I had and set it aside. The copy was only a few odd-numbered chapters and some of the bibliographies and appendices from the back of the book. Some of the printing was goofed up in it as if sending it had screwed it up. There were very few illustrations included in it. I kept meaning to look at the book at the library or bookstore to see what it was really like “in-person” but never got around to it. Recently I have been cleaning up my overdue reviews and this is one of them. So I took a look at the price of it on Amazon and hit the 1-Click button to have it delivered the next day. It’s a book that I have always wanted to have the hardcover copy of, so now was the time. Read the whole book, review it, and keep it handy on my shelf. It’s also a book you can share with other friends as you wish, or as needed. So now I have it in hand, have read it, and can review it better.

The cover is absolutely lovely with its blush watercolor background and the exquisite set of black lace cami and panties. So simple with just the title, subtitle and author’s name added in black fonts. The blush color has an eggshell finish while the black of the title is high gloss. The pages inside are very thick, heavy paper which feels lovely and rich as you turn the pages. The lingerie illustrations throughout the book are done by Sandy Wirt and are simply stunning.

The Foreword by Dita Von Teese is perfect for this book. She lures you into the book and you follow willingly.

The author stays away from the pitfalls of brands and rules of any kind. What she does in each section is provide a brief history and then move into some information on construction to help wearers understand how the garments work. Ms. Harrington then explains the various types of each garment and their special functions or fits or whatever each is specific for. There is no coyness, no wordplay here. This is straight forward design talk about garments we all wear at one time or another. Once Ms. Harrington has finished telling us about lingerie, she then goes on to explain how to launder it and why this is the best way to do it. Also how to store it and why. She covers briefly the requirements of people with special needs due to alternate lifestyles or medical needs. There is a bibliography for more sources if you are interested in deeper reading on the subject of lingerie. There are several charts of additional information. Overall, this is an elegant little reference that would be at home on your bedside table, your bookshelf, or your living room coffee table. It’s one I highly recommend as a personal purchase or as a charming gift.

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