Brought to you by the verb “to read

In the past, present, and future tense.

As in have been reading, are currently reading,

And might read next…or are considering reading next…

This is my variation on the meme done by others,

And very well, I might add.

Revivor of http://www.Wednesdays

What have/are/will you be reading? Link it here at and share your reading adventures with me.

Accreditation of the art is actively being researched 9/22/2019 jee

Have been reading…

I have started cleaning up my backlog of unread books on my Kindle and nook apps. So the first thing I read this week was Amy Snow by Tracy Rees. This was a really surprisingly good read. I wasn’t expecting to love it, but I did. I was rather confused when I first started that because of my silly preconception. By the end, I had figured out what was what and really loved it.

Next on my long-over-due list was Brighton Belle by Sara Sheridan. Another one I had totally forgotten what it was about and didn’t expect to like it particularly. For some reason I never expect to like the books I have that have been sitting on the “shelf” unread too long, or so long that I have forgotten them to the point that I have to have them on a list to remember them. Brighton Belle was certainly one of these. It turned out to be a historical cozy mystery about a British gal who worked in a debt collection agency after the war. Mirabelle (the gal in the debt collection agency) and Vesta (the gal from the insurance office down the hall) end up as the heroines of the case, of course. It’s quite well done and I predict I will read the second book in the series just to see how they get on on their own, or with the considerable assistance/protection of Detective Superintendent McGregor. This wasn’t light and fluffy, but rather dark and dangerous as Mirabelle was using what she had learned working a desk for Intelligence during the war to deal with bookies, pimps, prostitutes, stolen gold, murder, Nazis, kidnappers and lots of danger that she seems to charge into rather blindly. I better stop or there won’t be much left for the review!


I am halfway through All Butter Short Dead by H. Y. Hanna. This is the prequel for the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries. I’ve had this one in my Kindle app for some time as well.

And I’m still trying to get through Minimum Wage Magic. It’s not the book’s fault. I’m having trouble getting/keeping a charge on my new wireless earbuds, so I haven’t been listening to it. Once I resolve that problem, I’ll be better about it.

Upcoming rather than what I might be reading next…

Not sure how I ended up with this, but my first graphic novel, Bloodlust and Bonnets by Emily McGovern. No promises, but I’ll do my best with this. It’s historical and has vampires, too. Not sure what to expect.

I did get the new Audible edition for Demon Magic and a Martini by Annette Marie so that I can continue listening to the Guild Codex rather than just reading it.

I’ve also got two new ARCs. Do I have to Wear Black to a Funeral? by Florence Isaacs. It’s about the changes in society and how these have carried over into that most intimate public ceremony, the funeral.

The other ARC is Playing Dead by Monique Faison Ross with Gary M. Krebs, a book about domestic violence.

Two other books I’ve just gotten are Keeper of Destinies by Jennifer Malone Wright. This is book five in her Graveyard Guardians series. And Devourers from Suryaksh by Varun Sayal. This is book two in his Time Travelers series. The Wright book is already on store shelves and the Sayal book is due out September 2, 2019.

You may be seeing a lot of books on here from Wild Blue Press as I am going to be doing a trial with them on their Street Team to see if it’s a good fit. Not sure when it will start but I’m sure you’ll be able to tell by what’s on here for new books. They send out new releases each week for potential review. This is a result of my requesting their upcoming release Playing Dead on NetGalley.

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