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Rivals! Frenemies Who Changed the World


Frenemies Who Changed the World

Scott McCormick

Narrators: Prentice Onayemi, Samantha Turret, Christine Hvam, Gabriel Vaughan, Josh Hurley

Audible Original, May 2018

2 hours, 55 minutes

Historical Humor/Humorous History

Purchased from Audible


I found the cover of this book to be totally amusing and extremely eye-catching as well as appropriate for the book. Everything on the cover relates to one of the “stories” in the book. Yes, dinosaurs and Queen Elizabeth in the same book!

This book is not available in print form. The Audible version of this book was totally enjoyable with its information and hijinks throughout. Mr. McCormick has taken opponents in history, such as Queen Elizabeth and Mary, Queen of Scotts, and told their stories to relate how the world was changed after each exchange. The big change from the well-detailed exchange(s) between Liz and Mary was the religion of England. Mary was Catholic. If she had won the day (and the kingdom) England would have been a Catholic country and its history would read very differently. But Liz won the day, Mary lost her head, and England remained Protestant under Elizbeth and to this day. My version of the story is rather cut-and-dried, but the one written by Scott McCormick and performed by the five narrators is anything but that. The wit and humor entertain, while the actual history educates painlessly. It’s not that the author is laughing at history, well, not too much, but more like presenting it in a humorous light.

I recommend this highly entertaining and educational Audible book for humorous historians!

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