Book Review

Devourers from Suryaksh,

Devourers from Suryaksh,

Race to the Last Eventuality

Time Travelers #2

Varun Sayal

Self-pub, Sep 2, 2019,

350 pages, Kindle


Provided by Author


The cover is certainly eye-catching! Not exactly the way I pictured Teg from reading, but I suppose the author and artist worked on this together, so I may be wrong.

The story continues a little while after the first book, Demons of Time. Here we have Teg, a time traveler, fighting a time crawler, Nefe, that even her own kind fear. She’s hunting for a friend of Teg’s, but in her pursuit of him, she has destroyed everyone Teg loves, his entire village, and more. He faces Nefe in 3057 BC and then time travels into the future on stops to acquire allies to help destroy her at a forecasted place and time the time readers have determined.

The author continues the well-written magic and world from the first book to keep the continuum working. Through Teg’s inquiries and confrontations, we learn more and more about these “time crawlers” as he puts together an event and defense to defeat Nefe completely. There were times when I would get a bit confused as to who was doing what or when, but that was usually after setting the book down for a while. The pace is brisk and the tension is almost painful at times in this adventure of science fiction and fantasy. If you have read the first book, you will certainly want to read this second book. While I think the author puts enough into this to be understood well by first-time readers (no pun intended), I really think you will want to read Time Crawlers before reading this second book. Recommended for sci-fi/fantasy readers.

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