Brought to you by the verb “to read

In the past, present, and future tense.

As in have been reading, are currently reading,

And might read next…or are considering reading next…

This is my variation on the meme done by others,

And very well, I might add.

Revivor of http://www.Wednesdays

What have/are/will you be reading? Link it here at and share your reading adventures with me.

Accreditation of the art is actively being researched 9/22/2019 jee

I have been reading…

Rowan’s Lady by Suzan Tisdale, which I got from Kindle Unlimited. This was a fun romance. I love the ones where the man of her dreams shows up and she’s already doing something good for him, so he falls in love with her. In this case, it was taking care of his kidnapped child. I won’t be reviewing this book on my blog.

Another book I read was Draw You Day along with Draw Your Day Sketchbook by Samantha Dion Baker. I keep looking for just the right catalyst to get me drawing again. I’m not sure this is it, but her drawing is wonderful and she’s very encouraging. The sketchbook is a great size and I’m hoping to use it.

I haven’t put in any more time on Nottingham this week. I’ve been too busy to sit and knit.

I picked up book 8 from a cozy series by Donna Huston Murray called For Better or Worse. I liked it so much I’m pretty sure I want to start reading the series with book one. The main character is named Ginger Barnes and is a really good character. She’s another older character. It’ll be interesting to see how far back book one takes her since in book 8 she’s a widowed mother of an adult daughter, and taking a peek at book one I think her husband’s alive.

I’m currently reading…

The Minimalism Challenge by Minimalism Co. I have mixed feelings about this one. It’s supposed to take you through 52 weeks of changing the way you function and live to minimalist living. I’m not going to take 52 weeks to read it or work through it all. There are things I simply will ignore. There are things I will probably think about and possibly do. It’s the type of book you take what you want and/or need from it and leave the rest.

I also started reading Paranormal Nonsense by Steve Higgs. I’m barely 10 pages into it, so I have no ideas about it yet.

And I am still trying to listen to Nottingham

Next on my list is…

If You Tame Me by Kathie Giorgio because it’s an ARC that’s due out September 26th, so I need to get it read and reviewed before it’s release date.

I’ve been pretty lazy about reading this week, but life happens and I haven’t really had a lot of time to read. But I went on a really great train ride with my husband up to Crawford Notch this past week. I also had refinancing paperwork to do and was on the phone with the credit union a lot. I’ve been very good this week and haven’t bought any new books this week. But I also haven’t gotten any genealogy work done this week and tomorrow my sister and I are headed to the cemetery in Newburyport, First Parish Burying Ground to locate some very old graves of our ancestors.

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