Book Review

Rowan’s Lady


Rowan’s Lady

The Clan Graham series

Suzan Tisdale

Kindle, Oct 2013

292 pages

Historical Romance

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The is our unlucky-in-love Lady Arline, who has dreamt of Rowan for 7 years. The background colors of yellows and reds with a touch of purples set off the portrait picture very well and make it romantic and regal all at the same time. It is definitely eye-catching.

The story is one that is typical of medieval romances. The young woman has been wed off a number of times for political reasons with absolutely no choice in any of the husbands. One was old enough to be her great grandfather and was very fond of her.  The next one was cruel and hateful and wanted nothing to do with her. Blackthorn wanted someone else, so he made a bargain for a year to get himself an annulment and kept it. But it didn’t stop his brutality or hatred of Lady Arline in other ways. And it didn’t stop his marauding around the countryside killing or kidnapping his neighbors for his own reasons. Or their young children.

Enter our hero, Rowan Graham, Laird of Clan Graham, widower, father of the young girl Garrick Blackthorn has taken. The same plague that took his beloved young wife also took many of his clan. But Rowan calls upon the seven clans to aide him in saving his daughter from Blackthorn’s hands. But it’s Lady Arline’s hands that have been caring for and protecting the small child at the cost of her own safety.

In the hall of the clan safe and treated with respect, an attachment grows between Lady Arline and Laird Rowan. But he’s the head of his clan and needs to establish his daughter’s position in the clan by having more children and rebuilding the clan. And she’s a twice-married woman with no children to show for it. The clan would never allow it.

I recommend this lovely romance of this brutal age and horrible time for women.

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