Book Review

The Kidnapped Bride

The Kidnapped Bride

A Patricia Fisher Mystery

Steve Higgs

Kindle, Jul 2019

172 pages

Contemporary Cozy Mystery

Purchased for Kindle app


The cover is that wonderful blue that always attracts my attention and some really great artwork of Down Under in the background and a sassy older blonde on board a ship in the foreground. You really can’t tell she’s older by the cover artwork, but you can tell she’s sassy!

Our cozy heroine, Patricia Fisher is a foot-loose former housewife with a taste for gin and a talent for solving crimes. And she’s fifty-two. Her cohorts on this trip are her faithful butler, Jermaine, gym instructor, Barbie, and new socialite friend, Lady Mary Bostihill. Keeping an eye on Patricia is none other than the captain, who’d like to get closer if things ever settle down.

Creating mayhem and danger is a Mob Boss who wants to be unknown along with his two hulking bodyguards and his unhappy bride-to-be. One Mob Boss will get you two, or more it seems, as this one has several more on his trail and they aren’t too hesitant to “eliminate” people they consider uncooperative, uncommunicative, or unnecessary. There’s a simple matter of a hole in the middle of the forehead that seems to work for them. But the bride-to-be is missing and Patricia seems to be the one everyone thinks can find her. Even the Mob Boss thinks she can find her. Patricia discovers all sorts of things along the way to drinks with the Captain in this crazy hilarious adventure on the high seas by Steve Higgs. Now I have to go back and read the first book so I can read the rest of this 10 (intended) book series. I highly recommend this book and probably this series and probably his Tempest Michaels and Amanda Harper series. This writer has a gift for writing terribly amusing cozy mysteries with unique primary characters. Check them out.

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