Book Review

Lethal Nights

Lethal Nights

A Brute Force Novel

Lora Leigh

St. Martin’s Press, 24 Sep 2019

288 pages, Kindle edition

Romantic Thriller

Provided by NetGalley


The cover tells me nothing except that someone likes purple and that it’s about a dominant man and a woman and a group that’s likely militant called Brute Force. The purple probably indicates royalty in this case. All of which is true to some degree in this case, but I’m not enamored of the cover.

The story is typical of this particular author who writes steamy stuff. This is an awakening story. Dominant bloodied male awakens the innocent female who proves to be his ultimate mate. Ilya Dragonovich is the son of the Dragon and has led a rough and dark life. It started with the fact that his mother had his father murdered because he didn’t love her and wanted to kill the baby son as well. It didn’t get any better from there. The dragon tattoo on his face hides scars given to him by his family members. The many lethal talents he has mastered he learned from family members who raised him. Now he faces a woman who stirs him deeper and more truly than any other has, in ways no other ever has. The dragon has found his mate, but to claim her he will have to claim his true position in the clan.

For Emma Jane, she knows that Ilya will make her feel more than she has ever felt before, but he will leave. Why would such a man stay with a woman such as she? If she can only resist him, she may just survive this. But already she knows no other man will ever make her feel what this man makes her feel with just a kiss. And that dragon tattoo on his face keeps flirting with her!

If you like steam with your thrill, this is a great book for you. I personally found it wound up a bit quickly at the end. But I have missed the first two books in this series and probably should go back and read them, even though this could stand on its own. Recommended.

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