Counting the days…

Monday was the first day of fall or autumn, depending on what you prefer to call in in your neck of the woods! The temps were in the 80s with high humidity here in New Hampshire, just like the summer all over again – yucky. But the weatherman promises that appropriate fall weather will be with us soon and we can shut off the air conditioners. I’m looking forward to walking in the crisp, cool air, smelling the fires as people toast the last of the s’mores of the season and drink hot chocolate.

However, today is another big day on the calendar. Do you know what today is? I mean other than that it is September 25th? Today is exactly three months until Christmas Day!

So, it might be time to start working on your Christmas shopping list and order your Christmas cards. And don’t forget that the Boy Scouts will be taking orders for wreaths soon. And I should check to see what I have on hand for wrapping paper after I cleaned out all the old stuff last year. So take note of the date.

Ho, ho, ho, Judi & Emma

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