Book Review




A Captain Chase Novel #1

Patricia Cornwell

Thomas & Mercer, Oct 1, 2019

353 pages

Sci-Fi Mystery Thriller series

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The cover is dark and mysterious looking, but not terribly exciting. The author’s name will sell the book, yes, but I really prefer to see the title of the book first. Sometimes it seems like the author’s name is more important than the title when they do it this way with the two the same size in the same font and the name first. No modesty. Or is it a book by this author so buy it no matter what it is? The picture has to compete with the text for visibility when it’s this big. That’s half a star folks.

The storyline is really good, though and leads you to look forward to the next in the series since there is no conclusion in this book, just a pause in the action and story. The characters are developed as needed through the book and even Carme who is never seen in the book is developed as she is brought into the story. The pace is fast and the tension is constant. The story takes place over a short period of time and the Captain doesn’t even have time to stop to eat, both her tension and ours is so high. I read it in one sitting. The beginning is a bit confusing with the jumps back and forth with time and people. I think I got it all straightened out, but since there was no true resolution, I really can’t be sure.

Capt. Calli Chase is the hyperalert type that notices the smallest details. That’s a good thing since she’s in security on a NASA facility as well as a scientist in its lab. But things are happening that almost can’t be happening, and there’s only one person who could be doing them. But that person isn’t supposed to be there. The evidence makes it look as if this person is doing some really bad things, including kidnapping, murder, sabotage and possibly more. But a closer look at the evidence shows that it has been tampered with, to show that it was probably fake from the beginning; and that only one person could be doing that. Everyone involved is counting on Calli to resolve this as she is the only person who the perpetrator will trust. Calli’s identical twin sister, Carme, who had been acting strange and is now MIA. As the clocks tick down on two big events for the space program and a huge weather front closes in on the area, Calli becomes more and more sure that she’s right and that someone else is to blame, but who? Carme leaves her hints but won’t or can’t speak. The higher-ups aren’t speaking either. So where does that leave Calli? With the rest of us, waiting for book two, Spin, due out August 25, 2020. I recommend you get book one read before the release of book two.

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