Book Review

All Cats are Introverts

All Cats are Introverts

Francesco Marciuliano

Andrews McMeel Pub, Oct 2019

112 pages

Poetry, Humor, Cats

Provided by Edelweiss


The cover is perfect! Just like a cat to hide its head and consider that no one can see the rest of it.

I might argue with the concept that cats are introverts, they certainly don’t like to communicate a lot of the time. However, I think they do it just to frustrate the humans that deal with them. If you notice, they are perfectly willing to communicate at inconvenient times, such as 3:00 a.m. when you’re trying to sleep, but not at 3:00 p.m. when you are trying to find out what they want and why they keep knocking things off the shelves.

The pictures in here are great. I love all cat pictures though. The poems are okay as long as you aren’t looking for any sort of recognizable rhyming pattern or rhythm. It’s definitely free verse time. It’s what they say that really counts. They cover a wide range of things that go through a cat’s mind, or might if you could understand a cat’s mind. I think it’s really clever the way Mr. Marciuliano has captured the cat’s voice in these poems. The sarcasm that cats have, the superiority. The little bit of neediness at times, too. And their total lack of regret when they destroy something of yours whether it be a $5 mug or a $500 sofa. I highly recommend this book as a coffee table book for any cat lover. If I had a coffee table I’d buy it in hardcover when it comes out in October and put it there to share with family and friends. My cat would probably sleep on it!

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